Tips on Choosing an Accounting Service for a Small Business

accounting servicesWhen considering the advantages and disadvantages of various accounting services for small business, you might be under pressure whether you’ll make the right decision. The implications of choosing the right accountant are huge, so it comes as no surprise that you want to, for instance, hire the best accounting firm Singapore can offer if your business is based in this country. Therefore, we’d like to help you manage this daunting task with several useful tips. Continue reading “Tips on Choosing an Accounting Service for a Small Business”

How to Get a Loan for a Rental Property

rental-property-loansOwning a rental property has many good sides, especially when market is volatile and stocks are taking a tumble. Generating a steady passive income stream by becoming a landlord is a good idea, although you need a huge amount of money to begin. If you have a huge bankroll, you only have to make a clever decision on a property you’ll buy; but if you don’t have enough cash to invest it in a rental property, you might consider real estate loans for rental properties, conventional or private financing. Here are some tips on financing rental properties we would gladly share with you. Continue reading “How to Get a Loan for a Rental Property”

More Info on Waiver of Liability Agreement

liability-release-formWaiver of Liability Agreement or a Release of Liability Form is a legal document between two parties: the Releasor and the Releasee. The releasor is someone who’s promising not to sue the relesee for future and past damages and injuries by signing this form. Why and when would you use and need these forms? What can they prevent? Keep on reading to find out! Continue reading “More Info on Waiver of Liability Agreement”

Benefits of Outsourcing B2B Accounting

accounting-b2b-servicesIf you own B2B (Business to Business) company, you need to find your way to manage the books. Should you choose an in-house accountant (or the whole department) or would it be better to outsource your accounting needs? We’ve asked accounting experts from Smith and Associates, P.C. to tell us about major benefits of hiring an outside company to help B2B companies with their accounting tasks. Here’s what we’ve found out! Continue reading “Benefits of Outsourcing B2B Accounting”

How to Use Special Offers to Increase Conversions and Customer Loyalty

mydealsDeals, discounts and coupons are something most merchants need to offer to their customers in order to drive revenue. If you already own online shop or you’re considering making one, there are things about “special offers” you need to know. We’ll try to help you learn how to effectively use coupons, deals and discounts to increase conversions and customer loyalty. Continue reading “How to Use Special Offers to Increase Conversions and Customer Loyalty”