3 Luxury Corporate Gift Ideas to Please Your Business Associates

luxury corporate gifts SingaporeIt’s very important to give corporate gifts, especially for those who want to see their business flourishing. It’s just like choosing a partner in your business which will be profitable. Here are a few useful luxury corporate gift ideas for those who are new to corporate gifts and also those who are seasoned.

1. Drinkware

A very cost-effective and nice looking corporate gift can be ceramic mugs. You can also replace this with vacuum flasks, water bottles or other drinkware. These are very useful items. If you want an eco-friendly option, choose wheat bamboo fibre mugs, especially for those of your associates who care about environment. They are also very light and easy-to-clean. If you want to bring a vintage look to your gift, choose enamel mugs and they will remind your recipients of the good old days.

When it comes to water bottles, they are mostly made of plastic as plastic is very light. Today’s plastic bottles are made of Tritan and are BPA-free. Tritan material is impact-resistant. Aluminium bottles are also available but they can get scratches and dents very soon. The latest type is silicone water bottles which are collapsible and perfect in travel. This material is food-grade, non-toxic and can tolerate heat and cold.

2. Eco-friendly Bag/Non-woven Bag

Such a bag is one of the best luxury corporate gifts Singapore or any other place because it’s eco-friendly, useful and premium quality. Its maximum weight capacity should be 70gm because anything less than this is too thin and not useful. You can also choose 120gm capacity bag to impress your recipients.

Eco-friendly Bag as luxury corporate gift

3. Umbrellas

Umbrellas also make perfect corporate gifts being very useful for the sunshine and rain in Singapore. You can give away straight umbrellas, foldable umbrellas or golf umbrellas.

Straight umbrellas are an extremely popular corporate gift because they have a large surface area to give your brand an excellent exposure in the public.

Foldable umbrellas are perfect gifts for ladies because they don’t have to carry the umbrella in hand but can tuck it in their handbag upon folding, and come with automatic opening and closing function.

Golf umbrellas are the largest sized among all types and can accommodate 2 people. It’s a very premium quality gift to give away. It’s highly useful particularly in the heavy rains of Singapore.

Plus, you can also choose from premium quality leather goods like passport holders, card holders, wallets and more. Choose according to the needs of your recipients and they will appreciate your thoughtfulness and will help your business grow.

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