4 Fun Ideas to Do Complimentary Things for Your Clients

complimentary things to do for clientsExpressing your gratitude in the form of a word called “thanks” is indeed nice but if you pair it with something your recipient will love, it takes your gratitude to the next level. Free complimentary gifts not only show your appreciation towards your clients but also increase your remembrance in their mind, they too appreciate you, and most importantly, they are naturally inclined to give you further business. Here are some fun and outstanding ideas of things you can do for your customers to keep them always loyal to you.

1. Offer Free Food Samplings

If you are in food business, like a restaurant, a coffee shop or a bakery, it’s great to regularly arrange events in which you can offer some entertaining and/or informative like an expert’s lecture or a ball and free samplings of food or beverages. Alongside you can arrange a sale of your products and bring in an increased sale.

2. Offer Free Tickets to Events

One of the best ideas to gift your customers is to let them attend events, tickets to which are difficult to get and costly. For example, you can buy super bowl 2018 tickets for your customers and they will remember you for their life.

3. Spotlight Your Customers

A great and very economical way to express your gratitude towards your customers is to feature one customer with his photo and story every day or month on your website or social media pages. You may apply your creativity and appeal them to send their experiences with your company and choose from among them. The title of the competition can be “Customer of the day (or month)” and they will feel valued with your gesture. Don’t fail to highlight a customer who regularly sends their stories but didn’t get a chance to get spotlighted for long, and also give everyone a chance.

4. Send Greeting Cards to Commemorate Your Customers’ Relation with You

It may seem a little difficult but will have a great effect. Mark the date from when your customer started doing business with you (assign this task to one of your employees) and send a greeting card and a small yet cute gift to them on the same date every year to commemorate your relationship. This too will make your customers feel special and will show them what they mean to you.

Apply these ideas and you will see a tremendous growth in your business with a small investment.

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