4 Great Benefits of Shopping Services

shopping serviceIf your company has to do plenty of international shopping, you are aware of how costly it is to just to receive items from across the world to your headquarters. You will definitely be thankful if you can reduce some of these excessive costs, and then pass those savings to your business and customers. Yes, you can to that courtesy to the international buying agency services.

Does your company need products from across the planet and get multiple packages from overseas every week and sometimes even have to compromise on quality or costs just because they don’t allow shipping to your country? If your answer to these questions is ‘yes’, you can be benefited from a buying agent or parcel forwarding service. You can choose the location of such a service. Here are only a few, among many, benefits of using such a service.

1. Get a Mailing Address at the Location of the Shopping Service

You will receive a mailing address where the shopping service is located. For example, if you regularly need a lot of cheap and high-quality Korean merchandise you can hire a Korean shopping service and they will give you a Korean mailing address from where you can forward the parcels anywhere in the world. Typically your shopping service will also help you in collecting bills and credit statements, and also any other pieces of regular mail, to be delivered to your company at a discounted price.

2. You can Build a Business in the Location of Your Shopping Agent from Anywhere

Once you get a mailing address at the location of your shopping agent, you can begin running your business there with features and benefits of your parcel forwarding. Some services even offer you a help for setting up a virtual office which can forward calls to you, collect real mail and take voicemail. Thus you can start a business in that country, without even having to set foot there.

3. Purchase from Anywhere, Forward to Anywhere

With the parcel forwarding agent, you can buy items from anywhere at your mailing address in that country. From there, your shopping agent will send those products to you or your customers. The association of your package with this address becomes even less costly to send to you and thus you can save more than 50% of shipping costs.

4. You can Choose Your Package Carrier

You are at liberty to choose the package carrier you like. You can also decide when packages are sent and what type of service you like. Most shopping agents will also offer added insurance to ensure the safe arrival of your parcel.

So, if you haven’t yet considered hiring such a shopping agent, consider it now seriously and you can save a lot on international shipping for the benefit of your business.

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