5 Practical Tips for Choosing Corporate Gifts that will Never be Thrown Away

corporate gifts SingaporeYou might have received a corporate gift and might have found it either really nice, or just okay or simply useless. If you are a “corporate gift-giver”, you may want to make people think that your gift is excellent. So, you want to ensure that your gift is not immediately thrown in trash or given to someone else. Here are a few useful tips.

1. Let the Gift be High-quality and Useful

Whatever you may gift, don’t compromise on quality. Also if you choose a classic item, see to it that it has stood the test of time and if you choose a modern one, see to it that it’s making a difference to the world. When your gift is well made or serves a useful purpose, your recipients are less likely to toss it.

Soften your company’s logo by using a discrete print or a simple tag. When traveling to another location, choose quality gifts in the region.

2. Personalize

Personalization is not only related to the person’s name. It becomes more valuable when you show that you know something about your recipient, like an achievement, hobby, interest or family situation. You can even add a hand-written note and include your sentiments that will reflect the situation. Buy corporate gifts Singapore for getting excellent personalization.

3. Offer a Choice

An excellent way is to give a branded gift hamper or a subscription to your recipient so that they can choose whatever they want, and chances of your gift being tossed are totally eliminated.

4. Let Your Gift Have a Personality

Several people don’t believe in gifting food items because they don’t last long. However, such items provide a fun experience to your recipients and you are remembered because they don’t have to worry about where to store the gift. To make it look impressive, choose only high-end items with a high reputation.

5. Don’t Underestimate Packaging

The enthusiasm of your recipient to open the package is an important part of gift-giving. Presentation is almost equally essential as the gift itself. So, spend a little additional money and time to present your gift in a great packaging. Nicely packaged gifts at tradeshows, seminars and sales meetings are ideal to display and increase enthusiasm for your company.

Corporate gifts are not purely business-based. They are tokens of gratification towards people who work for you and your success. Hence it’s essential that the gifts should reflect this emotion of yours so that your recipient will never feel like throwing away your gift.

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