5 Printed Promotional Materials That Can Work Wonders for Your Business

luxury business cards print printToday digital marketing has gained a lot of importance and more and more business owners tend towards investing in it. However, offline marketing too has its own role to play in making your business successful. In the past ten years, digital marketing has surpassed offline marketing and reasons are obvious. Online marketing techniques are simple to set up and cheaper to start with. But that doesn’t reduce what printed promotional material can do for you. Leicester print services, PrintPrint.co.uk, share here information on how the 5 most profitable printed materials can benefit your business.

1. Business Cards

Though all other printed promotional materials have lost their earlier importance in marketing, business cards still retain theirs. Actually business cards are a necessity for any business. However, often business owners make a mistake of skimping on cards by choosing a very basic design and layout, to save money. The fact is the more lavish your card, the more impressed would be your potential clients. A card is the first slice of your business that they can see and so, you should ensure that it is impressive. So, you need to spend some more time and money on designing your card, knowing that it is an essential step of your marketing efforts.

luxury business cards print print

2. Stickers

Stickers have lost much of their importance in today’s business world. However, the fact is you can get a great benefit from stickers at a very low cost. Stickers are an economical way to promote your business and let people know about it, thus help in your brand building. Some years ago, Apple (apparently the best brand) used stickers in the form of white apples. People used to collect them and stick to their personal belongings. If a company like Apple can use stickers for their promotion, why can’t you?

vinyl stickers print print

3. Banners

Banners are perhaps the most underused forms of marketing materials these days. Actually, banner advertising can create a huge impact if used appropriately and can give you a great ROI. Banners too are economical and are of high quality. Banner is visible from a quite a far off distance and so, its impact is far-reaching. Just remember to make your banners attractive, colorful and containing a call-to-action.

roller banner print print

4. Fabric Displays

You essentially need fabric displays at expos, exhibitions and other promotional events, where online marketing cannot work. People visiting the expos can look at and remember your display and thus your brand gets the word spread. Being made of fabric, they look elegant and denote the high quality of your brand and elegance of your company.

fabric display print print

5. Leaflets

Stickers remain stable in one place while leaflets can be distributed creating opportunities to reach far, thus spreading your brand name easily. This too is an easy and economical way to promote your brand and the leaflet can contain much more information about your company and brand than the small cards and stickers. So, they should essentially be in your stock of printed promotional materials.

leaflets print print

So, don’t underestimate the importance of printed objects for advertising your business; if you do, you would be losing great opportunities.

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