5 Useful Tips for Finding the Right Job Recruiters

job recruitersWorking with a recruitment agency for staffing your business is a better alternative than finding candidates on your own by giving ads in newspapers or just requesting someone to refer a candidate. A recruitment agency can be a reliable source of right candidates, provided you choose the correct agency. What to look for in a recruitment agency? Let’s see.

1. Be Clear in What You Want in a Candidate

A good recruiting agency is expected to listen to your expectations and find you a good fit. However, you in the first place should know what type of candidates you want and clear your expectations to the job recruiters. For example, your idea of moderate Excel skills may be the idea of advanced skills for someone else. Therefore you should be clear in what you want in a candidate.

2. Do Your Research

To find a good agency recruiter, you have to do the same research just as you would do while assessing a candidate. Go through their LinkedIn profile to see how much experience they have. Do you see that their experience is in the same field you want them to work in? Is their experience seen when they talk to you?

3. Interview

You can save your time of interviewing candidates; but you will have to interview the recruiting agency people just like you would interview a candidate. Questions you can ask are:

  • Does your database already have candidates for my position?
  • How do you find and evaluate candidates? How will you do that for my position?
  • How will you report me about the process of selection?
  • In what duration will the position be filled?

4. Experience

Experience of the recruiting agency people is very important especially when you are looking for candidates with hard-to-find skill sets. When recruiters are experienced, they have spent years in developing networks of excellent candidates. You won’t find these candidates on job boards since they don’t require to post their resumes. Agency recruiters are hired for their network of candidates that can be found by no one else. Most importantly the time to fill your position will be less and the quality of candidate will be far better than that by other sources. These are the two most important benefits of hiring an experienced recruiter.

5. Knowledge and Track Record

Other important aspects you should check are the expertise of the recruiter and their track record. Things you can consider are:

  • When was their most recent fill?
  • What is their reach of network?
  • How large is their database?
  • How often do they update and replenish their records?
  • What techniques do they use to discover fresh talent?

Using these tips will certainly help you in finding the right candidates with the right job recruiters in a quick and hassle-free way.

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