6 Types of Corporate Gifts to Increase Your Business

Keyring corportate giftsGifts are the best way to win someone’s heart, maybe for love purpose or for business purpose. While both are important, corporate gifts can establish you as a business owner in the market and bring you a huge success, provided you choose them carefully. Here are some corporate gift ideas.

1. Ready-to-print Gifts

This is the best idea to give blank gifts that are ready-to-print to your recipients. This offers your recipients numerous opportunities to add their favorite prints and photos, like their vacation photos or birthday party photos etc. So, these become ideal personalised gifts.

2. Festival Gifts

Traditionally, all corporate gifts are distributed to employees and business associates on festival times. Small companies as well as MNCs have a budget for gifts which are decided according to the recipient’s profile, occasion, etc. These can be baskets full of food items like chocolates, fruits, nuts and cookies, beauty and personal hygiene products like gourmet handmade soaps, shampoos and perfumes, and so on.

3. Welcome Gifts

Most MNCs offer welcome gifts to those employees who recently join their organization. The idea behind this is to keep the excitement of the new joiner on and make them feel a part of the company right from the first day. Ideally personal gifts like t-shirts, coffee mugs, jackets, carry bag or back pack etc can be given.

4. Birthday Gifts

Giving gifts to employees on their birthdays is a tradition of many companies. It’s a challenge however to avoid repetition in gifts and be innovative every year within the sanctioned budget.

5. Rewards and Gratitude

If employees that work sincerely and achieve the company goals are given gifts, they get encouragement to work even more sincerely and they become loyal to the company. Here the HR department has an important role to play by understanding the age and motivating factor of their employees and constantly keeping them excited and engaged.

6. Gifts on Events

For important events like annual meets, an individual budget is sanctioned, not only for other arrangements but also for gifts to be given on this occasion, which may include mementos of the event as well as gifts like bags and t-shirts.

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