7 Great Tips for Conducting Background Check

background checkThough the words ‘background check’ is commonly used in the HR proceedings, are you sure that you are doing just the things you need to keep your business out of trouble? While making an important decision like hiring a candidate, just an application is not sufficient. Some candidates may provide inaccurate information, while some may even provide false information. Here are tips to help you out to keep you trouble-free.

1. Take Consent in Writing

Make sure that you ask the candidate her/his consent in writing for background check. An employer should have such a written consent because it safeguards the privacy of the candidate, educates them about their rights and states clearly what will be done during the background check. It’s also important to help candidates know the intention behind the check i.e. to maintain fairness and safety in the employment and workplace. This can help reduce the anxiety of the applicant about background checks.

2. Know the Components of the Check

When you are going to conduct a background check, you should know its components and choose among them. They are:

  • Identity check
  • Criminal record check
  • Credit check
  • Education and employment verification
  • Executive checks, particularly for an upper level post

3. Should be Fast

Fast and accurate information is important for hiring the right candidates. You should not miss out a good candidate just because the background check took too long. Typically, a background check may take anywhere from 3 to 10 business days, with a few types of checks taking longer than others. Fortunately, technological sophistication has made screening process more fluid and easy than we imagine.

4. Relevance

Make sure that the information you get is relevant to your business and the post you are hiring the candidate for.

5. Choose Experienced Services

While hiring a background check service, see to it that it’s reputable, like UK Private Investigators, a fully qualified agency for background checks UK. Also inquire how experienced they are. For example, UK Private Investigators are for 2 decades in the business, because of which they are not only highly skilled but also highly respected by government agencies, law enforcement and other sectors that have the most correct information on individuals as well as organizations.

6. Reliability

Make sure that all the information in the background check report comes from legal and reliable sources.

7. Don’t Do it On Your Own

You may be tempted to do the background check on your own with so many background search engines available on the internet, but don’t, because there is a lot of irrelevant information there. Avoid them and find a professional like UK Private Investigators and you will be saved from a lot of headache later.

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