7 Points to Check while Choosing the Right Courier Service

pronto couriersUnless you have your own transportation, it’s a confusing task to choose a perfect courier service to deliver your manufactured goods, pamphlets, documents or anything related to your small business, to just the right places safely. It becomes even more daunting when you have so many courier companies around. Here are some tips to choose just the right courier service.

1. Door-to-door Delivery

An ideal courier service should offer door-to-door service because nobody wants the hassle of approaching a depot to send or collect packages. Pronto Couriers in Yorkshire offer a very flexible service for delivery and collection and are always ready to diversify.

2. Check Reputation

As the courier company takes your valuables in their custody, reputation and dependability is an important point you should check. The delivery should be done in the stipulated time and your valuables should reach their destination in a safe and sound state. If you are choosing a courier company in your area, you can easily check their reputation by asking around. If you are seeking an online courier service, you should check their reputation through search engines, forums, etc. For example, Pronto Couriers has 100% track record for reliability. They are celebrating 10 years in this business and their directors have more than forty years of experience in the courier industry.

3. Check if They have What You Want

The courier services you have shortlisted from a range of them should again be checked regarding if they have what you want. This is because every courier company has a different range of services and size. You should know what type of service you need and the company you choose should give that type of service.

4. Easy-to-use Quote Calculator

The quote calculator of the courier company should be easy to use and hassle-free so that you can get the quote easily and there should not be any hidden costs.

5. Weight Calculation

The price of the courier service usually depends on the weight of your consignment. A good courier service will send you an online weight calculator based on volume so that you can get an exact price.

6. Reviews, Case Studies, References and Testimonials

The company should have reviews, case studies and testimonials of their clients. Read them and if possible talk or write to the references given by the company.

7. Insurance

Check what the insurance status of the courier company is and whether your goods are fully covered for any losses, damage and theft. Pronto Couriers offer full goods in transit insurance.

Pronto Couriers has contacts across the UK with some very remarkable and successful customers therefore they have become one of the biggest and most reputed same day courier companies in the UK.

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