9 Effective Printed Marketing Materials You Should Use to Promote Your Business

Same day business a4 presentation folder printing London PRINT IN LONDONWhile everything is going digital, the importance of actually holding a printed book, leaflet, business card or envelope in hand and reading and understanding it has not been and will never be reduced. Printed materials have a tremendous marketing potential and if you are serious about taking their full advantage, they can do a fantastic job for you. Here are various types of printed marketing materials and how you can make the most of them.

How to Use Printed Material for Marketing?

The success of your marketing efforts depends on how skillfully you apply them. The major benefit of printed marketing materials is that instead of bombarding all the information on your potential clients at a time, printed materials help you to break it into pieces which your prospects can understand at their pace and are impressed. With the help of services like Same Day Printing London, you can instantly get your promotional materials in hand and start your promotional efforts effectively.

1. Business Cards

Business cards are usually overlooked. But actually they have an ultimate power to promote your business and bring sales if you create and use them correctly. It’s always a good strategy to provide your team with quality business cards because it makes sure your existing returning and potential customers have your information always at hand. Vis-à-vis, statements like “Sorry, I don’t have a card with me now” or “I’ll give you my card next time” can make a negative impression and/or your name, face and business may be easily forgotten.

You can choose various designs and shapes of your business card; but keep in mind that it should not confuse your potential customer, no matter how innovative it is. If it’s a business card, it should look like one and should be stored like one, rather than a showpiece, a packing or stuffing material or for any other use than its original purpose.

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2. Letterheads and Envelopes

How do custom letterheads and envelopes play an important role in your business? It’s because they create an air of authenticity and trust. You should also take care of choosing quality paper for creating your letterheads and get a full-color logo printed on them. Even for creating envelopes, you should use a decent quality paper and have your logo essentially printed on them. This will assure your existing and potential customers that you are keen in paying attention to every small detail of your business.

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3. Banners

While your small-sized printed promotional materials, like business cards and letterheads, can address a single or a limited number of individuals, a banner has a power to draw the attention of a large group of people and make them aware of your business. There are so many ways you can make your banners attractive and catchy and impress many people at a time. A banner can be noticed even from a long distance and has a great visual impact.

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4. Presentation Folders

Handing over your customers with a stack of papers is an easy way to have all your valuable promotional materials thrown away. Instead you can create a presentation folder in which your flyers, pricing information, and other papers can be arranged neatly and present to the customers so that they can take a look and can even find the folder useful for organizing their own papers and remember your business whenever they may see your business name on it. Thus, the presentation folder can save your other promotional printed materials from going to a trash can.

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5. Brochures

A brochure is very essential for every business to be able to let their customers know about the products and services they provide. A nicely printed brochure can give detailed information about your business and the goods you have on offer.

6. Catalogs

A catalog is a great thing to highlight your most popular items. Catalogs have even been proved to have a higher retention rate than a website, as customers tend to maintain them for long and refer to them whenever needed. With the help of services like 24 Hour Printing London, you can get great catalogs printed to impress your customers.

7. Thank You Cards

You always want new customers in order to let your business grow. But you should not forget your old customers who support you loyally despite having other options on the market. Thank you cards are a best and inexpensive way to please such customers because they make them realize that you are grateful to them because of their loyalty; thus, they are more encouraged to support you. Although a gift can please these customers more, you will need a thank you note attached to it to express your gratitude in a proper way.

8. Newsletters

A newsletter is another great promotional material because through a newsletter you can inform your customers about your new products, services, offers, concessional deals, contests or any such activity they would like to buy or participate in. And of course, it also does the job of reminding people about your business from time to time.

9. Calendars

While all other promotional materials are oriented towards your own intention i.e. promoting your business, a calendar is something that your customers can use besides promoting your business. Thus, getting beautiful calendars printed with a variety of other information like important holidays etc. can make your customers impressed by your creativity.

All in all, promoting your business with the help of printed materials is a very effective marketing method which you should not underestimate. Make the most of it and see your business thriving.

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