Amazing Tips for Running a Guesthouse Successfully

21Bed & Breakfasts and guesthouses are an extremely prosperous business if you succeed in impressing your guests and find loyal, returning clients. Many tourists, whether they come for a holiday or business, love the atmosphere in B&Bs and guesthouses which is warm and cozy, and which they don’t get in big hotels. If you want to run a guesthouse successfully by creating the homely atmosphere in it, here are some tips for you.

The Entrance

The entrance of your guesthouse is a very important spot, as it creates the first impression about the guesthouse. If the guesthouse is not entirely booked, a welcoming exterior and entrance hall can attract last-minute clients. If you have an indication, ensure that it is exact in showing whether or not you have vacancies. This tends to attract passers-by who may not come in if you show “no vacancies” even if you have vacant rooms. Similarly, keeping your exterior, garden or patio neat and tidy shows that you love your business and are eager to welcome guests.


The Rooms36

While you can try your best to achieve the basic cleanliness and even succeed in it, some trifle things like stains around architraves and skirting boards may be easily overlooked by you and equally easily spotted by your clients. It’s best to make a checklist of every possible corner that is likely to accumulate dirt and can be spotted by your guests. Check from time to time whether everything is pristine.


Small gestures like adding a luxury of fresh towels, dressing gowns and slippers will show your guests that you care for them.


The Service

There is no other alternative to the best customer service. This is particularly important for small-scale accommodation businesses like B&Bs, guesthouses and small hotels. Even if some customers can afford staying in lavish hotels, they prefer these small places just because of the personal service here and also liaising with the staff members. Make it a point to mingle with them and show interest in their lives, like asking what they do in their home town and what has brought them to your area. If you have expertise over a matter and they need an advice in the same field, you can impress them with your advice. Advice them about sightseeing and provide maps. The more you offer your guests a homely feeling, the more returns you are likely to get in future.


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