Amazing Tips to Make the Most of Printed Materials for Your Businesses Promotion

poster by printers LeicesterDespite the increasing importance of digital marketing, the relevance of printed marketing collateral hasn’t lost or even reduced. Print materials are tangible representations of your brand and remain essential parts of any business marketing plan.

Also printing has now become more affordable than ever and you can adjust your marketing budget accordingly. For example, at printers Leicester, you can get your printed materials on high-quality paper, with professional signage that can easily grab attention and extend your brand at an affordable price. Several printers also offer graphic design services such as logo design, making it even simpler to promote on a big scale on a small budget.

Here are tips to make the best use of printed promotional materials for your business.

Business Cards

Although it is a small piece of paper, a business card shouts a lot about your business. You can easily hand them out to friends, and at expos, meetings and social events. By handing your business cards to your potential customers, you create a mental and visual link with them. Though you are digitally added to the database of your customers, your card is stored essentially for a quick reference. For a more impressive look, choose glossy or coated stock paper. Also consider having a dual-purpose business card with its backside serving as an appointment card.

Banners and Posters

For getting attention quickly and showing off your products or declaring a special promotion or offer, large-format graphics are perfect. It’s recommended to use oversize format printing to create a full-colour poster for a forthcoming event. Oversized prints mounted on foam core are ideal store signage.

Flyers and Brochures

Flyers and brochures haven’t lost their importance to even a bit in today’s digital age. They play an important role in marketing and are the best way to give your information quickly and remind customers about your business. These materials can be deployed in direct mail marketing campaigns to existing and potential customers. Or you can use brochure holders to showcase materials at the reception counter and in expo booths and trade shows.

You can include testimonials of your satisfied customers in your flyers and brochures in addition to your logo, location and message.

Direct Mail

It has been observed by USPS that 79% of consumers scan advertising mail and are more comfortable with direct mail than going online. The Direct Marketing Association has found that direct mail marketing is 7 times more effective than all digital ways combined. You can use the traditional means like postcards and envelopes for direct mail marketing by printing your logo, holiday or thank-you messages, nice images and more to attract customers.

Consider these tips to make the most of printed materials for your business promotion and enjoy success.

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