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Czech Industrial FabricsAmericas Great Deals always takes the pleasure in paying a tribute to businesses which create an unmatched identity in their particular fields and set an example for others to follow and be successful in life. We are proud to include one more glorious company in this series – Czech Industrial Fabrics! Let us tell you the inspirational story of this company.

Czech Industrial Fabrics

Czech Industrial Fabrics is a leading supplier of filter belts that are used in the paper industry to filter solids from liquids and for dryer fabrics. The plant of the company is in the Czech Republic and has an experience of 25 years in the manufacturing of paper machine clothing. The company has been keen in using only the best plastic yarn from suppliers that are reliable. They believe that this is essential for them so as to be capable of securing a stable and excellent quality of the final products.

Czech Industrial Fabrics

Filter Belts by Czech Industrial Fabrics

Czech Industrial Fabrics is specialized in supplying filter belts of the most convenient type for some particular applications so that their customers can achieve optimum results. For this, they take efforts to learn about the goals of their customers and understand the concerned technological processes.

The filter belts by Czech Industrial Fabrics can be used for an extensive variety of applications for separation of solids from liquids, for example, filtration in horizontal vacuum belt filter, sludge thickening in gravity belt thickener, material processing and sludge dewatering in belt press, and more.

These filter belts are connected by pin seam or stainless steel clipper seam. These are dismountable. Endless belts with no dismountable seam are also available.

Edges of the belts are typically strengthened by a strip of highly flexible and mechanically resistant two-component glue. Triangle reinforcement is done at seam edges which increases the mechanical resistance of seam.

Structure of the filter belts can be spiral or woven.

As a standard addition, all filter belts are equipped with pintle wires for connecting seam. For easy installation of the filter belts, leader cloth is added to both types of belts with pin seam.

The material of the filter belts is the abrasive-resistant PET, which provides them with an outstanding dimensional stability, high wear resistance and great tensile strength. Wherever PET yarns cannot be used, other kinds of yarns like PAD, PEEK, PE, PP, PPS etc are used for special applications.

types of filter belts

Where are Filter Belts Used?

  • Food industry (dairy, pasta, vegetables, fruit juice, pectin, starch, etc)
  • Thickening of sludge in gravity thickeners
  • Dewatering of industrial and municipal sludge
  • Dewatering of pulp and paper sludge in pulp and paper mills
  • Dewatering of fine particles in vacuum belt filters
  • Dewatering of mining industry sludge
  • Process belts
  • Conveyor belts

Visit to take a look at their variety of products and the successful journey of the company. This is truly inspirational and gives us a lot of information about a field which we rarely know or think on.

Czech Industrial Fabrics

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