E-Commerce in China and Tmall – Facts You Should Know

TmallHave you read or heard of Tmall? If you have, you might have become wonderstruck. If you haven’t, let me tell you, that it’s world’s largest marketplace where you don’t have to worry about any regulations on money, time and law with which you used to be held back earlier. This is your gateway to China cross-border e-commerce!

During last some years, there is a tremendous growth in the e-commerce and m-commerce sectors in China and Tmall has a lion’s share in this growth. By having a store on Tmall, you can enjoy this boom. However, some conditions apply e.g. you should be a company located on the Mainland China and should have a Chinese retail business license, you should submit the required documents to prove your genuineness, your products should be within China so as to supply them quickly to customers and so on. If you are seriously thinking about opening a Tmall store but are wondering about how everything can go smoothly, take help of ecommercechinaagency. They will provide you a consulting management, design your store, and with your marketing, promotion and site administration.

TMall Global China Cross-border E-Commerce

TMall Global is a global division of Taobao Tmall and is aimed at reaching the growing spending power of Chinese consumers. With this in mind, they have started supplying high-quality international merchandise to local consumers. They make sure that the businesses from which they get these products are located outside of mainland China, owned by qualified corporate entities with registered overseas trademarks, have a good reputation in other countries, overseas retail qualification and proper operating conditions. Unlike Tmall China, Tmall Global enables international brands to take the benefit of the huge Chinese market without having to be actually present in China. Specialists in international Tmall cross-border dropshipping handle logistics. They conduct delivery to the Chinese customers within 5 to 8 work days. Otherwise, a bonded warehouse solution from one of the China free-trade zones processes orders.

Chinese e-commerce

Types of Tmall Global Stores

Flagship Store

This type of store can be opened only by brands with a trademark, i.e. either with ® or TM. The store owner should be the formal representative of the product or should carry exclusive authorization documents for establishing a Tmall flagship store offered by the brand’s formal representative.

Specialty Store

This type of store can be opened by merchants having brand authorization documents that give them distribution rights to sell goods with no geographical restrictions in Greater China region.

“Monopolize” Store or Franchise Store

A franchise store can be opened in Tmall by merchants who have brand licensing goods. This allows retailers to sell two or more types of products in various categories. This includes two kinds: shops authorized to sell products of certain brand and shops authorized to sell multiple sub-brands belonging to the same controller.

Chinese m-commerce

Requirements for Business

It should be registered overseas
It should be brand owner or an authorized brand re-seller
It should have trade and retail qualification overseas
It must have stock certificates

Requirements for Operating Process

Products: Products should be authentic, having certificate of origin and should clear Chinese Customs.

Product Labeling: All the products should be labeled with product information in Chinese. The information should include product description, global metric measurements and Chinese “wang wang” service information.

Logistics Services: Delivery should be done within 72 hours either through personal direct delivery or from mainland China bonded warehouse Free Trade Zone to the consumer’s doorsteps. There is also a need of tracking delivery system.

Service: Returns should be done in mainland China.

Knowing all this information, you can have confidence that you too can get the lucrative profit from the expansive Chinese e-commerce sector. So, what are you waiting for? Take help of ecommercechinaagency and start making money right away!

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