Easy Ways to Go Green

Going green in business nowadays has become not only optional, but required. People are more aware of the their environment and the reasons to save energy and resources. The way in which the clients and customers see our business has been changed. More than ever we feel pressure to go as green as possible. The good part of it is that saving resources and energy is both environmental friendly and economical. So, what are the ways to go green? There are many of them, but we will list just several of them, just to give you ideas in which way to think about it.

1. Turn off all the equipment that is not being used. Only if you turn off all the computers at the end of the working day, there is a possibility to save up to 50% of energy.

2. E-mail communication is better than using phone or traditional mailing. It is faster, more ecological and cheaper. Print only those very important messages, those that have to be printed. Other e-mail messages should be read only on screen. In case it is necessary to print message, print it double-sided whenever it is possible.

3. Suppliers should be “green”, too. Choose those that take back packaging for reuse and offer recycled paper.

4. Thermal imaging can help you save energy during winter months, because it is one of the best way to identify heat loss problems in your building. When you realize critical points, you have a possibility to decrease heat loss and to save energy (and money, of course).

5. Look for suppliers in your local community, because the further you or your suppliers have to travel, the more energy (and time) will be used.

As you can see, going green will necessarily improve your business, you only have to think wisely and to identify what in your own working environment can be changed in a green way.

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