Get Your Online Shop Without Spending a Dime

Colompo companyAre you in or are willing to do a business where you will sell your products, like toys, clothes, electronic items, accessories like jewelry, or any other thing, but are wondering how to market these items? Well, the internet has done wonders to many people’s lives and so will it do to yours too! It has brought a wonderful platform for you where you can have a shop for FREE and sell your products, and guess what, you have to pay only if there is a sale! This fantastic system is Colompo!

Colompo is a British company, comparatively new, started just in 2014, but is gaining increasing popularity because of its easy-to-use interface and convenience. You can see their registration number and other business details on their site. Since its starting, the Colmopo Company is active without any major hindrances.

Colompo is the biggest online marketplace where any company, individual or charity can open an account as a seller or a buyer, and can sell or buy any digital or physical product. Through Colompo millions of internet users can connect to each other, and help speeding up the pace of commerce and creating a new generation of commerce. Colompo is hoping to become the only marketplace in the world with the cheapest prices.

What is the Point System on Colompo?

Colompo has a very good point system for their currency, Digital Colompo Dollars (DCD), through which their members can get points on every activity they do on their website, right from signup to several other activities like telling a friend, searching product online, sharing the link of a product, liking a shop, replying the feedback from a seller, getting feedback from a buyer, sharing link of the thread or liking the thread, and many more. There is no limitation on the number of activities you can do per day.

You can use these points to buy a surprise box which will contain pleasant surprises like games, lotteries and other goodies.

Colompo is a trustworthy company because they don’t rely upon ads but pay from the sold items and only when the item is sold. If your item is not sold, you don’t have to pay them anything. The value of their DCD is growing with the growth of the company with each of their members or products on the web.

So, if you want a marketplace for your goods or services, with no investment in the beginning, and only a little payment only after you earn through the sale of your product, Colompo is the godsend to you. Open a shop on Colompo and start earning!

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