How To Write a Business Letter?

In the business world, everyday you have to send and receive memos, faxes, emails and therefore it is necessary to know the basics of a well written professional business letter. Thicker paper gives a sense of professionalism, ink and paper colors should match and envelopes should not exceed paper size. Typed business envelopes are always good choice, because whole package has to be nice and neat.

In business letter, a heading containing both yours and the address of the receiver is of vital importance. Your address should always be placed at the top of the page (or the top and right). The address of the person receiving the letter should be placed on the left side of the page, slightly under your address. What should be included? Name, phone number, e-mail, web address for both the sender and the receiver. It is alright to to abbreviate street names, for example, but avoid too many shortened terms. In the business world, information are very important and therefore you should always include the date in order to enable the receiver to have a reference for when your letter came.

Greeting must be appropriate to the person that receives your letter. Personal greeting is preferable salutation. The appropriate signing-off should reflect the contents of your business letter. The closing should be placed on the left-hand side below the text of the letter. Your writing style should be in the manner of speaking, but without using jargon, technical prose, abbreviations, unless you are sure the receiver will understand you. After your writing is done, check out spelling and grammar. Your paragraphs should clearly state your purpose and case and each should be devoted to establishing a single point. Concise and neat, paragraphs contribute overall appearance of a business letter. The last paragraph should always include a sentence that expresses that you are grateful the person read your letter.

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