Is Buying Twitter Followers Good for the Business?

buy Twitter followersBuying Twitter followers, Facebook fans, YouTube viewers and other social media users might not be very sociably acceptable. However, it can help you achieve greater business success and therefore you don’t have to be ashamed if you have considered it. Millions of celebrities, business fresh-starters and even some common people actually do this: they buy social media fans when they want to increase social credibility and popularity or even when they need some ego boost. 

Is it too complicated? Not, at all. It takes less than a minute to find tones of online services offering to sell you Twitter followers and other social media fans. The price for buying, for example 2000 Twitter followers is about $25, which is quite low. These followers would follow your page in couple of days and they will stay there for a whole year. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? But why are people afraid to click “buy” button? Well, it might be risky. What if your real fans and followers realize your trick? They might lose interest in following you and reconsider your credibility.

So, let’s get this straight. There are different services. The most popular method involves “inactive followers”. This is the offer you will get at the most online services selling Twitter followers. The only requirement is your username and the inactive accounts, company managed, will start following you. Will you add some real value to the business by doing so? Not, actually. However, these followers will look quite real and you will appear more popular, you will gain credibility and reputation. The other method is called “active followers”. This is more risky field, since you have to provide both your username and password to the company offering this service. It requires you to follow your future followers first, before they follow you back. Is following everyone back will not look so professional and your account might even become suspended. However, this method looks more “real” to other users.

So, should you click that “buy Twitter followers” button or not? The final decision is up to you, but take all advantages and disadvantages into account before making your move.

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