Mojtaba Khamenei – The CEO of Algorates

Mojtaba KhameneiMojtaba’s rise to the top is riddled with instances where things became too difficult to handle. However, the fact that he is currently the leader of one of the largest investment houses in the world is a testament to the sheer desire and persistence of the man.

Mojtaba is the son of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the supreme religious authority in Iran. Many regard Khamenei as the key figure in the Iranian revolution, and one of the main reasons why the Iranian nuclear deal fell apart in the first place. Needless to say, Mojtaba’s position as the son of a very unpopular man in the West stacked the odds against him.

Fighting Against the Odds

That did not deter him. For two years, Mojtaba had wanted to buy an investment house. He had been keeping a keen eye on Algorates, and wanted to move all of his businesses from Iran. Unfortunately, the Iranian embargo made it difficult for him to do so. His efforts eventually bore fruit in 2004, when he received the required documents needed to buy into Algorates.

The Company

Algorates became the first investment house to be owned by an Iranian in the United States. Using his wealth, Mojtaba injected large sums of money into Algorates. In 2013, Algorates spent 500 million on advertising in the Middle East alone.

Over the past nine years, Algorates has opened up 20 different branches in the Middle East. With the success of Algorates, Mojtaba was able to purchase four more international companies, and also bought a football club, Olympique Lyonnais in France. Mojtaba’s tale is one that can be retold for years to come. His battle against the authorities to achieve his dreams is one that makes him an example for any aspiring business leader.

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