No Win No Fee

Business partnership disputes can be caused by many unexpected circumstances. The recommended option to help you with any compensation claim or business partnership dispute are arrangements called “no win no fee”. So, for a companies or persons looking for no win no fee solicitors there are many lawyers offering their service this way. Sometimes it is difficult to predict whether you will win in a dispute, so this opportunity to pay for a solicitor only if he/she is successful in winning a claim sounds perfect.

Luckily, this solution is not only reserved for business and companies. If a person has been involved in any kind of accident (road, medical and accidents at work) and has suffered physically or psychologically, he/she has the right to obtain compensation for personal injury or financial loss. In that situation, people are not really happy to give more money to a solicitor and to risk losing a compensation. So, no win no fee solicitors are preferable choice for this situations, also.

So, what are the consequences? If it happens that you or your company do not win your claim, because you did not succeed in proving a case, then there is no need or obligation to pay a fee. In case the claim for compensation has been successful, or you won in a business partnership dispute, you are obliged to pay your solicitor. In most cases, insurance companies pay for solicitors’ fees in addition to a compensation. In other words, again you do not have to pay for a solicitor, even if you won a case. To hire a solicitor who wants to work for this arrangement type, you have to do a little research in order to find the right lawyer for yourself. It is always recommended to select several different lawyers, approach them with your case and decide who offers the best deal.

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