The 3 Dangers of the Fire Swamp for the Entrepreneur and How to Avoid Them

assessment of 28 million firmsWhich biggest threats do budding entrepreneurs face and how can they overcome them? In his celebrated book “Scaling Up”, Verne Harnish has assessed 28 million firms in the USA and pointed out 3 major barriers faced by every entrepreneur:

1st Fundamental Barrier:

Leadership The failure to staff/develop adequate leaders across the business who should have the skills to delegate and predict.

2nd Fundamental Barrier:

Scalable Infrastructure The lack of systems and structures (physical and organizational) to handle the complexities in communication and decisions that come with growth.

3rd Fundamental Barrier:

Market Dynamics The incapability to tackle the heightened competitive burdens that develop (and corrode margins) as you scale the business.

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LEAP CEO Free 3 Video Course

To overcome these 3 Dangers of the Fire Swamp for the entrepreneurs, I, Brian Mustard, founder of LEAP CEO, have come up with a FREE 3 Video Course that can accelerate business growth. LEAP CEO is aimed at showing businesspersons how to go from 2x growth to 10x gains in Revenue or Valuation – with Stability and Clarity!

LEAP CEO’s perspectives on ways to overcome or counter these barriers, in the Connected Age of Industry 4.0 are:

First off…these should probably be considered Universals:

– Most all businesses who have the intent to scale up must be open to LEAN and Agile methodologies.
– Must be able to; do, serve, make, design, or produce something where they are #1 or #2 in their industry or sector.
– Must have a core nucleus of personnel (or robust piece of software), that is integral to being #1 or #2.


Overcoming/Countering The 3 Barriers

1. Leadership: Living in a connected world where access to both people and information, the ability to Communicate, Coach, and Mentor individuals is easier now than ever before in history.

Integrating Coaching/Mentoring cultures within organizations not only helps the transfer of pertinent information but also support competency assurance.

2. Scalable Infrastructure: With SaaS and PaaS solutions, cheap advanced technology is readily available. We live in the world where the largest taxi company in the World doesn’t own any cars (UBER) and where the largest accommodation provider doesn’t own any hotels (Airbnb). These have really just cracked the door open to the potentials of leveraging and optimizing the Assets of other. The possibilities for newly forged JV’s and Partnerships are exciting!!

3. Market Dynamics: If a company was to focus on the things that they can be #1 and #2, one of the best ways to handle the growing market competitive is by implementing elements of Leadership, such as leveraging a coaching/mentoring culture to incorporate an innovative culture.

As the Masters of Innovation can attest to, who have provided the modern maps that would make Lewis and Clark proud:

“To be successful, innovation is not just about value creation, but value capture.” ― Jay Samit, Disrupt You!

“Letting go and trusting others to do things well is one of the more challenging aspects of being a leader of a growing organization.” ― Verne Harnish, Scaling Up

“It didn’t used to be true, but in a world of Purple Cows, when the marketing is built into the product, creating products that are innovative is actually cheaper than advertising average products.” – Seth Godin, Free Prize Inside: How To Make A Purple Cow

“The difference between successful and unsuccessful people is that successful ones know that the most unprofitable thing ever manufactured is an excuse.” ― Jay Samit, Disrupt You!

“You can’t afford difficult and risky technological innovation, because the return you’ll receive is unlikely to justify the investment. You can’t afford to do huge media and PR buys because the return you’ll receive is unlikely to justify the investment. But you can profit all day long leveraging insight and creativity to come up with cheap innovations that have a significant return.” – Seth Godin, Free Prize Inside: How To Make A Purple Cow

“The reason soft innovation works is that all breakthroughs (big and small) require quantum leaps. It’s much easier, of course, to take a quantum leap with style or insight or guts (nontechnical breakthrough) than it is by toying with the rules of physics or jumping Moore’s curve.” – Seth Godin, Free Prize Inside: How To Make A Purple Cow

“In the end, what matters most in life are the depth of your relationships with friends and family; and the sheer number of people you’ve helped along the way. These represent true measures of wealth. Financial wealth, then, is seen as a resource for fostering your relationships.” ― Verne Harnish, Scaling Up

“An average idea enthusiastically embraced will go farther than a genius idea no one gets.” ― Jay Samit, Disrupt You!

“Goals without routines are wishes; routines without goals are aimless. The most successful business leaders have a clear vision and the disciplines (routines) to make it a reality.” ― Verne Harnish, Scaling Up

In the technological World we live in today, Business and Innovation is moving faster than ever before, which means your business has to continually adapt to stay relevant, reach customers and achieve new levels of success, especially if you ever plan on hitting that next growth curve.

The good news is that we now live in THE MOST exciting age where technology is at our fingertips and we can learn and leverage what the truly exceptional businesses are doing to stay lean and agile, in the shortest time and most cost-effective way possible.

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Experience Reliable Gains with just ONE Process

I have created a Strategizer course, a FREE 3 video course designed by me, that leverages the REAL World tested methods of some of the world’s greatest business experts, Mentors, and Subject Matter Experts.

I have not only integrated the elements that have helped me achieve super success in the world of Power Generation and Energy Projects, but also I have repeated this ONE PROCESS approach in every initiative that I take on.

This exclusive program will teach you how to:

• Align Personal & Business Vision with Value Streams.
• Clearly identify meaningful Objectives & Goals.
• Ensure that Innovation is being built into the things that you do best.
• Maintain an efficient employee base.
• Forge intimate relationships with clients and investors.
• Handle the demands of growing projects.
• How to work ON your business, not just IN it.
• And…Establishing an Environment that will support your growth.

The road to 10x in Revenue or Valuation Begins Today

Click Here to Access this FREE Program!

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What You’ll Learn

What the Top 1% of Entrepreneurs Do

Sustained growth companies represent only about 1% of all businesses; however, they generate 80%+ of economic growth. While start-ups or large corporations are generally considered to be the job generators, the true heroes are companies that demonstrate sustained growth.

(1) What does sustained growth look like?
(2) How can the best practices in businesses lay the foundation to allow this sustained growth?

“All companies face the same set of challenges and decisions each time they expand. And the more frequently they grow, the better they get at making these decisions.” – Dr. Gary Kunkle, founder of Outlier LLC and Research Fellow with the Business Dynamics Research Consortium

The purpose of these 3 Videos is to provide actionable steps owners can take to become a part of this elite 1%.


– If you’ve made it this far in business, you know that there is no such thing as a silver bullet…or a free lunch and there will be no 4hour or 40hour work week being sold here. What is possible though is to be just as energized, working the 60-80 week, doing the things you are passionate about as you used to. Remember those days?

– You, your life and your body are your assets. They require maintenance and you need to take care of them. Without a plan for this, other things (including your business) will suffer.

LEAP CEO doesn’t advocate a reduction in hours spent working on your Dream and fighting for what you feel to be possible. What will be required is to monitor where the fun and valuable hours are and help you do more of those. What gets measured gets accomplished.

– Self-Discovery and Awareness are keys to success, especially when it comes to alignment with what you do in business. Having a meaning is a common trait among the 1%. These tools will help with that as well.

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Video 1:

Identity & 7 Pillars
– Personal & Business
1. Vision
2. Mission
3. Values
4. Strengths
5. Skills
– Alignments between Personal & Business
– 7 Pillars for Business (areas of focus for Organizational Awareness)
1. Infrastructure- Process & Systems
2. Human Asset Optimization- Coaching & Mentoring
3. Value Streams & Wealth Management
4. Skills & Competency Assurance
5. Innovation Leadership
6. Growth & Transition
7. Succession & Exits

Video 2:

– Dream Team & Inner Circle
– Environment Mapping
– Pyramids of Success
– Vision, Mission, Goals
1. Value Potential Awareness
2. Innovation & Systems That Serve
3. Encouragement & Environments That Support

Video 3: Your ONE Process

1. Identity Foundation & 7 Pillars
2. Objectives & Goal Investigation
3. Disruption Investigation (Value Streams & Trends)
4. Strategy, Methods, Resources
5. Action Plan Creation
6. Action: LEAP Tracker & Reporting
7. Observation-Review-Refine

Take advantage of the FREE 3 Video-course by LEAP CEO and head towards success!

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