Tips for Choosing the Right Projector and Screens for Extremely Successful Business Presentation

projectorFor business presentations, nothing else can match video projectors and projector screens. These two devices give you the largest and most impressive images, and are essential elements of a professional conference room. By projecting your PowerPoint and Excel documents on a 150-inch screen, you can create just the desired impact on your audience, and get a correct opportunity of showing off your hard work. providing renting of projector screens in Singapore have useful advices for you about choosing just the right projector and projector screen.

Choosing the Right Screen Size

This depends on the distance between the screen and audience. There are some rules regarding the distance and screen size:

  • Screen width should be double its distance from the first row of audience seats.
  • Screen width should be 6 times its distance from the last row of audience seats.

Here it should also be remembered that for a satisfactory viewing experience the width of rows too are important and it should not be more than its distance from the screen.


Today’s projectors usually have 3 types of resolution:

  1. SVGA (Super Video Graphics Array) 800 x 600
  2. XGA (eXtended Graphics Array) 1024 x 768
  3. SXGA (Super eXtended Graphics Array) 1280 x 1024

The resolution you should choose depends on your computer equipment’s resolution and the application. For checking the resolution on Windows screen, right click on the desktop and then select properties and then settings. You will see the resolution in the left hand corner at the bottom of the settings window as 2 figures which are horizontal and vertical resolution. You should choose a projector that will match the resolution. Also the resolution on which the presentation was designed should also be taken into account.

Setting up a LCD Data Projector

The lens of a data projector projects asymmetrically. The lens should be mounted in such a way that it would be just above the lower border of the screen and at the center of the screen width. Setting up the projector by mounting the lens at low height enables the projector to be set up in front of the audience but doesn’t obstruct the view.

Setting up an Overhead Projector

This projector needs to be set up atop a table or a cart, at the height of around 75 to 90 cm to facilitate ease of use. The projector should be positioned at the center of both length and width of the screen, or else the image will be disfigured.

Setting up a Slide Projector

A slide projector can be set up on a table having adjustable legs. Its lens should be centered on the screen, both lengthwise and widthwise. Slide projector projects an image in a 2:3 ratio. If top and bottom of the screen are adjusted, the projected image can fill the screen. The zoom lens too should be adjusted so as to place the projector close to the back of the room and it won’t obstruct the view.

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