Top 6 Printed Promotional Items that can Make a Huge Difference to Your Sales

business cardsWhile digital marketing is of immense importance in today’s business world, importance of physical printed material has not lessened a bit. While communicating with your potential customers in person, various printed objects come to your help to make others know about your business. What are the different printed materials with which you can promote your business? Here are some.

1. Business Cards

It can’t be denied that a business card is a great tool to advertise your business. Whenever you visit your potential client for the first time, you can hand over your card to let her/him watch it then and there or s/he can watch it later upon getting time. You can design your card on your own or get it designed and printed from a professional service like 55printing. Other benefit of a business card is that whether or not the person to whom you hand over your card has business with you, s/he can further show or pass on your card to their friends and thus the tiny piece of paper does the great work of your business promotion. For a greater impact, you can choose high quality paper, attractive design and printing techniques.

2. Brochures/Flyers/Leaflets

These are excellent materials to promote your business in an economical way to a larger audience. They can include all details of your business and what you are offering. Brochures, leaflets and flyers can generate a lot of sales leads at a fraction of the cost. You can design them attractively to catch your potential customers’ attention.

3. Banners/Posters

While brochures and leaflets can be distributed to individuals, banners and posters can grab attention of a lot of people at a time. You can place them at key points across your locality and make people know about your business.

4. Postcards/Envelopes/Letterheads

For direct mailing to your customers, get your personalized letterheads, postcards and envelopes printed with your company name, logo and other important details. These not only promote your business but also look professional, creating a positive image of your business in customers’ mind.

5. Table Tents

Table tents too are excellent promotional materials. They can serve as tiny decorative materials for your clients and make them remember your brand regularly. There are numerous ideas with which you can make the table tents more and more attractive.

6. Gift Items

You can also gift your customers as a token of gratitude or to attract new customers. At 55printing you can get numerous such gift items like mugs, door magnets and more, which you can personalize to make your clients remember your brand name.

Don’t skip making use of these printed promotional materials and you will be amazed to see the difference they make to your sales.

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