Top Benefits of Renting a Projector and Screen for Business Presentations

projector rentalIt has become easy for companies to share information with large groups of people in an economical way as the information is getting digital, and a LCD projector is one of the most economical ways. Because the technology has become widespread, costs have dropped and renting this equipment has become more reasonably priced than ever before for company meetings, conferences and board meetings. Ivan & Levine runs a leading projector rental in Singapore and divulge here the benefits of renting projectors and screens.

Why to Rent Projectors?

Though costs of projectors have dropped, buying a high quality machine can still be hard on pocket. Fortunately it’s not always necessary to buy a projector. Based on how often you will need the projector, renting can be much more affordable. You can rent a high quality projector whenever you need it rather than buying a low quality machine and hardly use it.

No Cost of Maintenance

When you buy a projector, besides the initial cost, you have to spend regularly on its maintenance and replacements of parts. When you rent a machine, this cost is eliminated.

Impress Your Clients

When you need a projector for presenting high quality presentations to impress your clients, you need a high quality projector. Also, depending upon the size of and brightness in the presentation room, you have to customize the equipment which you can do when you rent it. So, you get a perfectly powered and sized machine every time, based on your needs, when you rent it.

Great Use for Business

There are many uses for renting a projector and screen for business purpose. Here are 3 of them:

  1. Presentations in Meetings: When you need the projector for your business meetings, events and shareholders’ meetings, renting one is a great option.
  2. Business Travel: Salespeople, who have to travel a lot for business purpose, find it very convenient to rent a projector for digital presentations to a large audience.
  3. Trade Shows and Exhibitions: When you rent a projector and screen for a trade show or exhibition, it saves you from carrying the heavy equipment with you to the venue. The rental company directly sends it there for you.

Get a range of leading brands of LCD and Epson projectors at Ivan & Levine on rental in Singapore with instant installation and great customer service.

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