User Experience and Design

user experienceOffering a great user experience is of essence for any business. The user experience is that interaction one gets, either by using a product or service, or simply by relating in some way or another with a company. After this, a user will have his or her own perception – whether he/she was pleased, or dissatisfied. The user experience encompasses various elements together. If for example, a user used a website, he/she would have taken into account various aspects until buying something. There is the layout, the design, the content, the visual aids, any sounds, and whatever interaction could have been made. The efficiency of the system is considered very important by users, as is the ease of use. Thus, it goes without saying that the user experience and the design go hand in hand.

Meeting the exact needs of customers is the key to the best possible user experience. A company needs to understand what a user’s needs are, and then, based on them, the user experience should be created in as simple a way as possible. Many users comment about their preference towards simplicity. The less elaboration and fuss there is, the better it is. When things are left simple, most users tend to prefer it.

What businesses need to bear in mind is that the true user experience goes beyond just giving the customers what they want. There needs to be a merging of various aspects, such as the marketing, the design of the product, the design of the website or the retail outlet, the engineering. These are all aspects that may sometimes be tackled separately, but it is better to consider them as part of a whole, as each and every one of them has an impact on the user experience.

It is also important to distinguish the user experience from the user interface. The latter is an important element of the overall design, but it is not all of it. To go a step further, one also needs to distinguish between user experience and usability. The two terms are often used and quite often misused. Usability is essentially a quality attribute of the user interface. It means that the system in question is easy for the user to understand, easy to use, efficient and pleasant. All of these aspects need to be taken into account to ameliorate the user experience as much as possible.

So when designing or planning the user experience you want your customers to have, make sure to bear in mind these aspects. Each part of the user experience is of essence, and different parts ought to be considered in conjunction to each other, and not separately. This will increase the chances of your users getting a favourable user experience, which will result in higher sales, more loyal customers, more recommendations, and obviously more profits. The user experience is key for your business success – do not make the mistake of undermining it for any reason whatsoever.

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