13 Tips to Retire Earlier and Wealthier

retire earlier and richerMost of us bear the day-to-day grind only because of the dream of retiring early and enjoy all pleasures of life whether it is a round-the-world cruise or lazy days on an isolated, remote sun-kissed island. However, these dreams also have a border of sadness that comes from the bitter uncertainty about whether we can do it. The good news is that you can retire earlier and richer than you think, no matter how much money you earn!

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Private Mortgage Insurance – Basics and Tips

private mortgage insuranceA tax deduction was created by Congress since 2007 to boost the troubled housing market. It is the insurance which some lenders make compulsory for the home buyers to purchase (pay) in case of little or no down payment. This protects the lender if the borrower fails to repay and is commonly called Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI). If you are paying PMI each month, you can get some of it back by applying for PMI deduction while filing your income tax return. And you should do that, because failing to do it is one of the serious mistakes for homeowners. Now a question that may come to your mind is how to deduct PMI. Let’s know more about it.

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Few Cents Every Day Make the Money Problems Go Away

save money simplyYou cannot save something you don’t possess, so my personal opinion is that people should focus on earning money, not on putting it aside. However, some simple changes and adjustments in your everyday life can really do you good. No matter if you want something for a rainy day or to buy a guitar, here are simple tricks that will help you achieve your goals! Continue reading “Few Cents Every Day Make the Money Problems Go Away”

Simple Money-saving Tips We Hardly Think Of

money-savingIf you are completely lost everything, i.e. each penny and immersed in debt up to your neck, it indicates that you haven’t managed your money properly. The picture is scary for anyone. Those who spend extravagantly and don’t like to think seriously on money matters should take some time to think, what would happen if they keep on spending at this rate. There are people who undergo the above state, totally lost money, have to repay a huge debt, have a dependent family and every money problem. Is there any solution for such a situation? Yes, there is.

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Saving Vs. Investing 101

"Investing"Saving money is great, but if you’re just throwing your money in a bank account, you may not really be taking advantage of the compounding interest. See, 10 years ago, you were able to get at least 5 to 7% interest in your money market. While that is a fantastic guaranteed interest rate, those rates no longer exist today. Heck, you’re lucky to get anything over 1%! As you probably know, with that kind of interest, you’re really not going to make that much money on your money.
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