Could You Live Wihout Money? Meet Heidemarie Schwermer Who Can!

heidemarie-schwermer pictureCan you imagine living a life without money? At the age of 54 one woman gave up her job as a shrink, gave away her flat and all her cash and threw away her credit cards. This incredible woman’s name is Heidemarie Schwermer has lived without money since then and today she doesn’t own anything apart from a few clothes and a few personal belongings. But, how did all this started and how does Heidemarie manage to live without money? Thanks to her book “My Life Without Money” and several interviews, we are able to present you Heidemarie’s story.

Everything began as a one-year experiment. In Dortmund, her home city, Heidemarie set up a swapping circle – a place where people swap services and items without using money. For example, you swap English class for a plumbing service. To prove that swapping could work, this quirky woman decided to give up using money for one year. At the end of the year, she continued living in this manner. At first few months, Heidemarie Schwarmer house-sat for friends who were on vacations. In returning for looking after their animals and watering the plants, she stayed at her friends’ places. But, she also works as a psychotherapist and people give her something in return. She confesses that she lives thanks to her contacts who understand and support her. Finally, Heidemarie Schwermer earned some money from the sales of her book “My Life Without Money”. And, what did she do with all that money? She gave it all away.

Even though you might think Heidemarie Schwermer is too brave woman and that you wouldn’t be able to follow her example, there is something we all can learn from her experience. You don’t have to work things you hate just to be able to buy things you don’t really need. In our society, people are judged according to how much they earn (or spend), therefore jobs don’t seem to be equally important. But, sitting in a park and just relaxing and enjoying life with your loving one is sometimes more important than having an engagement ring that costs an arm and a leg. Think about it!

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