Manage All Your Accounts Without Hassle and Stress with Your Expense Manager

expense managerIf you are finding it difficult to remember expenses, budgets, credit-debit and other accounting-related things while running your business or household, there is good news for you. Now there is a very convenient app for you by Google Play for your Android device with which you can plan budget, control and track income and expenses, and avoid over-draft. And the app is absolutely FREE! The name of this app is Expense Manager!

What Can You Do with Expense Manager?

With Expense Manager, managing bills and payments become easy and intuitive, and yet powerful and professional.

expense manager intuitive graphics

Outstanding Features

Expense Manager has got outstanding features. Some of them are:

  • It’s totally FREE
  • You get access to unlimited expenditures
  • You can manage your cash, credit and debit cards, checks, giftcard or e-wallet expenses
  • You can track and compare your income and expenses with extremely interactive graphical charts
  • Over 100 categories and subcategories like health, food, transportation and more to save your time
  • You can open multiple accounts
  • You can connect each transaction to related categories, location, persons or projects
  • You can attach documents, images or voice memo
  • Business persons can manage their business as well as home expenses simultaneously
  • Sophisticated search options with which you can find an expenditure or transaction bill invoice
  • Manage expenditure anytime, anywhere; no internet connection needed
  • You can share your information on Facebook, Google, Twitter and other social networks
  • Quick, safe and reliable
  • Online assistance within the app

expense manager categories

Expense Manager acts like the following for you:

Expense Tracker Recorder: You can voice record your expense without typing. Expense Manager recognizes your voice.

Exchange Rates Manager: It offers multiple currencies and provides automatic online exchange rates

Money Manager: While traveling abroad you can manage all your expenses in your home currency

Budgeter: With this you can plan a budget for each category, project or person

Payment Manager and Credit Card Manager: These calculate the accurate payments in your credit card based on the “grace period” you get and the “due date”; so, you will be saved from unpleasant surprises.

Loans Manager: Calculates the interest on your mortgages

Personal Accountant: Business persons can use it to track receipts, invoices, VAT and delivery notes

expense manager data

So, what are you waiting for? Download the Expense Manager app for free; make sure that your country, language and currency are correct. 3 accounts will be created for you by default: cash, credit card and bank account. You can change them later by pressing first the ‘Data’ tab and then the ‘Accounts’ tab. Finally press the menu key and enter your first expense. And start managing all your accounts without hassle and stress!

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