Simple Way to Earn Money – Main Trend of Finance Trade

simple way to earn money main trend of finance tradeToday when the internet is full of advertising, it makes very difficult for a person to decide how to earn money online. From the most popular ways for earnings online, the first one is exchange trading (implementation of trading in the financial market). But there are many variations in this method, which have big difference between each other. We have made a comparative analysis of the most popular branches of exchange trading and choose the most profitable one for an effective beginning, to help you to understand everything totally and find the most right and effective approach for you.

Stock Exchange

This approach of trading exchange means investment in securities of different companies. Investor’s amount, in this case, depends| on activity rise price of assets. But, for privacy investment this directions almost don’t use, there are some reasons for this:

• Amount of initial investment is rather big – for opportunity to realize activity on stock exchange need minimum $4.700.
• Selection of assets is not too big – stock exchange don’t give opportunity to buy assets from raw materials group, currency, metals.
• There are many factors, which make choice of assets too difficult.
• Formalization of contract accompanied by complicated laws rules for private investor.
For those factors, to take your profit for u will rather difficult with less effective and profitable, because low level of liquidity was usual feature for stock market. Private investor can pin one’s hopes on 15 % of year’s dividends. So, this direction of finance trading is not best various for make big profit in Internet.

Forex Market

Of course, in this case you already get more extended opportunities, like good selection of assets, amount of initial investment can me more low, and also rather good profitable. When forex market just appeared, it open big opportunities for traders, that they didn’t know early. But also in this variant exchange trade, trader can have some problems, like:

• Necessary need big experience and deep knowledge for have stability profitable result.
• To manage of trading capital and risks very difficult, because this type of trade don’t give opportunity to trader make any counts of trading results, because there isn’t significative, like profitable of contract, size of loss and duration of time of contract.
• Sometimes you can wait profit around one month.

Also, profitability of forex just a little bit more than profitability of stock exchange. On the average, this way to earn money online can give you only 50% of profit. Furthermore, trade on forex market usual take from traders a lot time and forces.

Binary Options

This direction of online earnings is most young and binary options have less flaws, then another various of online trade. Reason is very simple algorithm of their work, which was build on right qualities of different exchange tools. So, trader need just make right prognosis situation on market on close time. If trader made it right, he can receive until 90% profit from amount of contract. Let’s to see in details advantages of this exchange tool:
• Most comfortable plank for initial investment – from $250.
• Trader can manage temp of his trade (establish duration of time to contract)
• Maximal selection of basic assets of all type, that exist, also available even trade on assets of stock exchange.
• Elementary algorithm of realize trade operations.
• Minimal amount of contract begin from 24$
• Loss and profit have fixed meaning.
You don’t need big experience and knowledge for trade – can make superficial analysis of market in short perspective with help of technical tools of analysis and many graphic tools.

Besides, binary options give to traders main advantage – high profitable. Even if binary options are very simply, they can make more than 1000% of profit in year. However, this level of profit depend also from place for trade, that you choose.

Here terminal for option trade is broker 24option, in which complex with profitable conditions and also opportunity to choose for trade almost any from existing assets. Also broker provide analytical information high quality and free course of study.

Besides, you can free and safety know more about this way of earnings without initial investment by demo-terminal of broker, which similar to real, just have different by opportunity trade by virtual money.

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