Top Binary Options Winning Strategies

binary options winning strategiesThe good news for inexperienced traders of binary options is binary options trading need a little to no experience. Actually, what required basically is an ability to predict the direction an asset’s price will take in. This price will either grow (call) or decline (put). To get success in binary option trading, you can apply some simple binary options winning strategies and of course, trustworthy brokers like Here are some basic strategies you should learn.

Trend Strategy

Trend strategy is the commonest strategy adopted by inexperienced beginners as well as experienced traders and is usually referred to as bull bear strategy. This strategy focuses on observing declining, rising and flat trend line of the asset being traded. If the trend is a flat line and it is predicted that the price will grow, the No Touch Option is suggested. If the trend line indicates that the asset will rise, select CALL and if the trend line indicates a fall, select PUT.

The difference between this method and the CALL/PUT option is that you choose the price to which the asset should not reach before the chosen period.

Pinocchio Strategy

Pinocchio strategy is applied when the asset price is about to grow or decline severely in the opposite direction. If the price is to go up, choose CALL and if it is to drop, choose PUT. You can practice this best in a free demo account offered by various brokers.

Straddle Strategy

Straddle strategy is ideally used during the volatile period of the market and just before the arrival of the important news about particular stock or when predictions made by analysts seem to be floating. Straddle strategy is a reputable strategy used across the global community of traders. It is renowned for offering ability to traders to avoid the selection of CALL or PUT options and rather putting both on a chosen asset.

The general idea is to use PUT when the price of the asset rises, but there is a belief or indication that it will drop soon. Once the drop starts, you have to choose the CALL option, supposing that it will bounce back soon. The reverse of this can also be done, by placing the CALL on low-priced assets and PUT on assets with rising price. This increases the likelihood of success greatly in at least one of the options by creating an “in the money” result.

Risk Reversal Strategy

This also is one of the most reputable strategies and it targets to lessen the risk related to trading and add to the chances of a successful result that brings in positive gains. It is applied by placing CALL and PUT concurrently on an independent underlying asset. This particularly benefits when assets having fluctuating prices are concerned. is the number 1 Binary Options Trading Room in the world. They started the trading room years ago and learned what works and what doesn’t and use their experience to their award-winning, sensational trading room daily. Their service is incredibly easy to use and you get the most exciting trading room experience with them. Visit their website to know more and get great success in binary options trading.

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