4 Fantastic Office Décor Tips

office decorationWhile office is a place where you and your staff come only for work, it can also create an attachment in your heart. Better have a well-decorated office, which will make you and your employees feel pleasant, will inspire you to work more creatively than monotonously, and will never make you feel tired! Here are some awesome office design tips to achieve that.

1. Pay Attention to Ergonomics

You don’t have to worry with this word about where to find books on the subject; you just have to use your common sense regarding which office design will make you and your people feel comfortable while working. Don’t worry, your people won’t feel sleepy with an ergonomic design; they will just feel happy and will become more productive eventually. Let the computer desks and their chairs be aligned in a more user-friendly manner so that the person working don’t get a pain in back, neck, arms or eyes. Let the conference room arrangement be such that you can see everyone and vice versa, and no one will feel sleepy. And so on…

2. Get Rid of Clutter

Just like your home, your office too should be clutter-free. Clutter has a deep effect on productivity and efficiency. Clutter may bewilder, confuse, sadden or even depress you and your employee, obviously lessening your and their mental ability. Be strict and either throw away or donate old files, papers, boxes, plastic plants, blinds, and many such things.

3. Choose the Right Colors

Here is another similarity between your home and office – need of good colors. The theory of world-famous psychologist Angela Wright says that different colors have different effects on mind. E.g. blue provokes the mind, green calms you, red has an influence on your body, while yellow triggers creativity. The color saturation and intensity are equally important too. Thus, bright and more intense colors have a stimulating effect (apt for your staff’s room) while subdued colors are soothing (more appropriate for your guests’ waiting room or reception).

4. Appropriate Lighting

Office is a place where artificial light is needed even during the day. You have to incorporate lighting in your office in a strategic way. There should be enough light in the office so that there won’t be any dark corners; however, it should not be more than enough so that the employees feel frustrated because of having no privacy at all. You can better use a mixture of soft yellow light and bright white light that will achieve the best of both worlds.

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