Top 5 Benefits of Bulk Bags and Other Customized Agricultural Packaging

Bulk bagsPackaging is a major operation for many businesses in the agricultural industry. An agricultural packaging system needs to be able to handle various kinds of products and package them efficiently before transport. Filling bulk bags or other customized packaging manually uses a lot of time, energy and manpower and it increases your risk of product wastage. Bulk bags are known for their durability and capacity to resist heavy weights used in storing and transporting various types of goods. These bulk bags are easier to use, safer and cheaper. They are perfect for storing and transporting materials such as fertilizers, chemicals and minerals, cement, sand and gravel, salt, food grains, sugar and many more. Just like bulk bags, customized packaging is also a packaging technique used in agricultural field. In customized packaging you are storing, transporting or displaying the product. It is unique and tailor made to fit a product perfectly. These bags are mostly similar. They are incredibly versatile for the agricultural industry, as they have quite a number of varied uses. Following are benefits of these bags that are used in agriculture.


1) Crop storage


Bulk bags are ideal for storage. Farmers can store their crops in bulk bags until they are ready to ship. They also provide the perfect storage place for crops until they are ready for use. Their storage capacity is not limited to crops. Bulk bags can also store other items that are essential to the agricultural industry. They are a great storage solution for farmers.


2) Improved safety


The manual handling of storage containers like bags and drums can expose workers to injuries while lifting them in addition to the risk of discharging of materials during the process of transportation. As bulk bags or other customized bags require mechanical means (fork truck, pallet jack or hoist) to move the container their transport involves less manual movement.


3) Seed transportation


Just as the transportation of crops is important to the agricultural industry, so is the transportation of seeds and fertilizer. Seeds need to be kept in a dry and cool location in order to be usable. Any loss of these products can cost a farmer a lot. Bulk bags or other customized bags provide an ideal environment for seeds to be stored and transported, so they are a perfect customized agricultural packaging solution.


4) Crop transportation


The agriculture industry relies heavily on the safe transportation of crops. If crops are unable to get from point A to point B without issue, they are no good to the end user. Vegetables are delicate, and if they are crushed or marred in any way, they will not be able to be sold to supermarkets or other outlets. Vegetables are not the only crops that are transported in bulk or customized bags. Crops such as wheat, barley and nuts are also carried in them. These bags provide the protection these products need to arrive at their final destination safely.


5) Eco-friendly and cost savings


Bulk bags need no harvesting of trees for manufacturing them unlike paper sacks and also the disposal of these in landfills is also eliminated with the use of reusable and recyclable bulk bags. Therefore, bulk bags and customized bags are eco-friendly. Also bulk bags are less expensive to produce. The strength, durability and reliability of bulk or customized bags make them an eco-friendly choice.

Thus the versatility of bulk bags makes them the perfect choice to be used in a range of applications on farms and in other agricultural settings. Plus they can be customized to suit your unique needs as well as printed to brand your business or properly organize your products.

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