Why You Can’t Afford To NOT Invest In Yourself

investing in yourselfWhat is your age? You may be young, middle aged or old. In the latter two cases, you may realize that time is passing quite fast. When you were young, you didn’t feel the importance of time. You were busy just having fun. You were partying, eating and drinking whatever you wanted, remaining awake at night, and altogether were careless towards yourself. But as now you are getting on in years, you are realizing that you could have been successful in life, could have earned a lot of money and could have bought all the comforts of life; but perhaps you missed the bus! Karolina Blaszkiewicz tells why you can’t afford to not invest in yourself through her awesome blog Digital Bloggers. Here are some of her thoughts.

Investing in Yourself

What is investing in yourself? You have many good things within you. You have brains, creativity, abilities, talents, brilliance, intelligence, mindfulness, insight and much more. However, all these things are in traces because they are not clear to you. You don’t know that you have so many things, or you should feel that you have them in you. As mentioned earlier, you are or were busy enjoying life. Within that happy mood, you don’t want to think seriously on something like investing in yourself. But if you are young, you should take time to pay attention to what you have, what gifts you have got from the Creator, appreciate them and develop them to ultimately get benefited by them.

your hidden qualities

It is normally seen that people stop themselves from doing something in a state of anticipation. They hope that something better will happen and they don’t grab the opportunity they encounter; worse even, they don’t see such an opportunity being in the state of anticipation!

What should you do in such a case? Actually, you should take time to analyze yourself, to know what you are, to find out your hidden qualities, to think on how you can develop them and make the most of them. In short, you should invest in yourself!self-development


Do You Think You Should Have Money (or Anything Else)?

You might mourn that you don’t have enough money or other resources; otherwise you could have done a lot of things and achieve the much desired success. The fact is that you can earn money and pull success in your life. The problem doesn’t lie there. The problem is that you don’t know that the biggest asset you have is you! You have a beautiful healthy body (I hope most of us have it), you have hands to work, legs to walk, eyes to see, and a tongue to talk; don’t you feel that you are fortunate? You can work and earn money, but you SHOULD WORK! You can go to places and gain knowledge, but you SHOULD WALK! You can read as much as you can and again gain knowledge, but you SHOULD SEE! You can talk to people and develop relations with them to make them work for you, but you SHOULD TALK! If you don’t do these things you will repent in the future, in your old age, and so, it is important to think now itself why you can’t afford to not invest in yourself!

gain health

Hard Work

However, investing in yourself is not a piece of cake. It needs hard work and discipline. These come through a conscious thought about your abilities and qualities and how you can make the most of them if you develop them.

Discard the Useless

Hard work and discipline make you able to concentrate your efforts in developing your qualities instead of being pulled in all directions with different feeble thoughts. These feeble and useless thoughts often fill up our minds and as it is easy to think over them, we get trapped in them. In the process, we get distracted from the important thoughts of self-development and unknowingly keep thinking on useless things which actually are not going to benefit us in any way.

having many distracting thoughts

So, what you need first is to discard this useless material. If you are given a quantity of rice to clean it of dirt, what will you do? Of course, you will remove the dirt from the rice and end up in getting clean, pure rice. Similarly if you want a clear mind, which can concentrate on fruitful and beneficial things, you will have to remove the dirt of useless thoughts from it. Only then you can get a pure, clean mind filled with productive, fruitful and efficient mind which can work towards its goal and achieve it.

finding useless thoughts one-by-one

You have got many dirty thoughts in your mind including useless relationships. For example, a friend may call you to party in a pressing voice and you may be scared that your relation with that friend may be spoiled if you don’t accept the invitation. This is a useless thought. Instead of partying, drinking and eating unhealthy junk food and keeping awake all the night, you can sit at home, read a book or study something on the internet, go to bed on time and wake up fresh in the morning. This will be useful to you in the future, because that night you discarded a useless relationship and invested in yourself!

gain knowledge by reading

Think on useless things in your mind and life one-by-one and plan to discard them. Of course, you should also think well on how you are going to utilize the time and space occupied by those useless things with fruitful and productive things.

You will feel fresh upon discarding the useless stuff and you can:

  • Be clear about your goals
  • Get new plans and endeavors
  • Identify right opportunities and make use of them
  • Know how much time you actually have in a day
  • Plan to make use of the newly freed time

In short, you can have your ideal day! And then you won’t be able to live outside your ideal day. This would be the most functional, productive and fruitful time of your life for which you will thank yourself in the future, in your middle or old age. This is the reason why you can’t afford to not invest in yourself!

think on what you can do with your newly freed time

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