Moshe Margalit – AlgoRates’ Owner

moshe margalitDo you know many people who are closely attached to their job? Although most people look like they are focused on professional success, they are not ready to go above and beyond their job requirements.

Moshe Margalit is one of those people who hold a passion for their work and AlgoRates is another proof of his dedication. Moshe Margalit has worked for about 25 year at numerous positions in several high rated companies in the world. Although he was involved in the provision of skilled labor services in the construction industry, he has specialized in Business Management and Administration. His own job is, in fact, making sure the businesses continue to run without hiccups, very smoothly.Right now, Moshe Margalit is a director of Bluestone Group Limited (Ireland based company) and he has founded worldwide-known AlgoRates, one of the biggest trading houses. It is created after years of profound research and insight into various investment techniques. Instead of following conventional trading patterns, this company has realized the need for automated trading with the control of professional individuals. What’s more, this “robot-controlled” investment management has become one of the most popular investments services available at the moment. Clearly, Moshe Margalit’s ambition and motivation to succeed has helped him found AlgoRates, a house that both serves people and cares for them. ng house that not only serves people, but also cares for them. He is the first one to take part in all activities within the company in his desire to ensure AlgoRates remains top-rated trading house.

Personally, I like ambitious and motivated people such as Moshe Margalit because they inspire me to think positively about the world around me and to do my best to become and remain successful in my professional field. I’m quite sure many people share my opinion on that.

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