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investment Angel InvestorsWhen commoners think of investing money, they obviously expect the best returns. Some investment fields like technology, biomedical technology, etc are very lucrative. But then, the question arises of finance. Laypeople think that they should be millionaires to invest in these fields. Moreover, they are not tech-savvy to feel confident regarding understanding the rise and fall of the markets. But what if you come across a company which can help you in early stages? I am sure that you will feel more relieved, more secure and more confident about investing. I want to tell you about Angel Investing Group such as, that invests in early stage startups and they have got investment experts having a huge experience. So, do you still feel scared? Let me tell you more.

Angel Investing Group – Accurately Reflecting Global Investing Opportunity

Investing in Solutions: invests in solutions to problems of focused and addressable niche target markets which is a market worth $100+ millions. Your company should be able to exhibit a clear vision and strategy if you want to grab a sizable share of this market. Angel Investing Group aims at encouraging companies based on the frontier and emerging markets across the world, though they have a special focus on India and Asia.

Angel Investors

Looking for Passionate Entrepreneurs: The Company is looking for committed and passionate entrepreneurs with a proven track record, either in their present business or prior ventures. You and your team should have credibility for fostering and creating a partnership with them. Your team should also be open to the guidance and input provided by the Company’s executive team. Your team should have qualities like teamwork, experience and good relationship with staff, investors, and current and future customers.

Income Plans: is looking for achievable and reasonable income plans. They will evaluate your Assets, Earning Quality and Cash Flow to help them base the projected quantity and know the assumptions behind the projections. Since most of the Income Projections are not acquired, they evaluate the monetary plans assuming a shortfall.

Angel Investors

Checking Potential: The Company evaluates the competitive advantage on the basis of key factors like intellectual property protection, knowledge and skills, exceptionality in licensing, and relationships in marketing and distribution, entry barriers, proprietary features and market displacement applications and products creating first mover’s advantage.

Plans for Increased Revenue: is in search of companies that have the potential of quick growth. So, you and your team should be able to demonstrate a plan of generating remarkable profits with attention towards achieving multiple income sources.

Optimum Range: Most of the deal valuations of Angel Investors are in the range of $0.25M to $2 million. They are in the search of deals having pre-money valuations less than $5M. But they are ready for opportunities more than $5 million; however, may possibly do so by way of syndication.

Angel Investors

Maximizing Potential: The aim of is to check if the funds are being used to speed up the achievement of key milestones of the company that would increase its value. They normally fund activities that help create an infrastructure of sales and marketing, employ key executives and are in search of synergistic opportunities.

Cooperation: believe not in watching from a distance but in participating actively in the company’s working and helping them to achieve their goals and utilize and leverage their key executives and experience. Their Board of Advisors is available to help you at various stages of investment process.

Mutual Benefit: seeks a return of minimum five times of their initial investment within a period of 2 to 5 years. They believe that this level of ROI is vital looking at the inherent high risk and possibilities of failure of early start ups.

Angel Investors

If you are scared of the confusing jargon of finance and investment, you should visit the website of Angel Investing Group,, where you can get great knowledge about various things involved in the investment process. This process has been made very easy by them and it has six easy stages:

  1. Screening: Fill the application wherein you should write a one-page executive summary which will explain the prominent characteristics of your company.
  2. Discovery: They hold screening once a week in person or through video conferencing and it contains a presentation lasting for 30 to 45 minutes. If interest is created during screening, discovery will start by consulting their Board of Advisors.
  3. Due Diligence: During this phase, team of will verify the statements you have made in the presentation, business plan and financial projections.
  4. Term Sheet: Once the Due Diligence is completed successfully, Angel Investing Group you will be presented a term sheet defining the structure of the deal.
  5. Deal Structure: You will get the Deal Structure defined and explained in the term sheet offering.
  6. Funding & Beyond: When all parties involved in the deal are satisfied with the terms and terminology included in the term sheet, the deal is finalized and executed.

strategy Angel Investors

Board of Advisors of Angel Investing Group

Raghu Vohra: Raghu Vohra is the Founder of BlackstoneValleyGroup with more than 15 yrs experience in Finance and Technology. He was also featured on the 8th rank among the top thought leaders in Innovation and Startups. Visit his Twitter page for more information.

John Bosley: Mr. John Bosley started his career in 1986 by co-founding Wind River Capital Partners, LLC of which he is still a partner. After working with Bonaire Software Solutions, LLC as COO and GoldK Inc as Sr. Vice President and Managing Director till 2004, he held several senior management positions in financial services software companies for the last 30 years.

Deepak Kotak: Mr. Deepak Kotak is an investment manager focusing on healthcare, with a small private equity fund in the US. He is also the chief medical officer with a Texas-based medical device company. He has been an advisor to a US-based biotechnology company, a startup medical IT company and private renal dialysis company. He has been an investor in healthcare firms for more than a decade and writes for PropThink about upcoming companies and science.

Deepak Shenoy: Mr. Deepak Shenoy is a serial entrepreneur in the technological and financial markets with a huge experience in algorithmic trading, financial analysis, company valuation and strategy execution.

Angel Investors

I am sure that after looking at the profiles of the founding members and overall style of working of, you are impressed and have got a confidence that with help from such an intellectual level, you can certainly form a company that can grow by leaps and bounds.


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