Top 3 Tips for Success at Stock Market

fight between bear and bullPeople think of investing in markets and earn a fortune, but are scared of taking the risk. They see that hundreds of thousands of other people who buy and sell corporate stocks on some regulated exchanges and are successful, and think that it’s only luck that is favoring these successful investors. But that is not the case. There are a few principles that should be applied to these deals and they come from the experience of numerous investors over uncountable stock market cycles.

Fortunately you don’t have to be super brainy to undertake a successful stock market venture. Expert investors say that even if you are able to do fifth-grade math, you can be successful at stock market! Plus there are also professionals who are willing to help you like that on who send weekly email newsletters about the breaking news and the things that are happening in the stock market and financial sector. Click here to receive the Future of Stocks FREE exclusive newsletter today!

Here are some tips from them.

1. Let Your Goals be Long-term

First of all, understand that if you are looking for returns in a few years, stock market is not a correct option as it is infamous for its volatility and uncertainty; so, it’s not guaranteed that your capital will be available to you when you are in need of it. So, while investing, let your goals be long-term. Ideally by having an idea of how much funds you will need for investing and the point of time in the future when you will want it back, you can calculate exactly how much you must invest. You can use free financial calculators on the internet.

2. Are You Risk Tolerant?

The risk tolerance of a person may depend on her/his genetics, but can be improved with education, wealth and income (as these three factors increase, risk tolerance is found to increase slightly) and degraded with age (as age increases, risk tolerance is reduced). Risk tolerance refers to your feeling about taking risk, and whether you love or are afraid of taking risk. It’s the ability of a person to withstand an unfavorable outcome of a deal while expecting a favorable one. It also depends upon how knowledgeable you are. For example, as you start to gain knowledge about stock market and understand that it’s not merely a game of chance, you become more risk tolerant. Therefore it’s important to keep in touch with the market with the help of sites like

3. Control on Emotions

It’s also important that you should have a control over your emotions. Not having it is the biggest hurdle to successful stock market deals. Even the prices of a company’s stock depend on the combined emotions of investors; i.e. when a lot of investors are unsure about a company, prices of its stock decline, and when investors are confident about a company, its stock prices generally increase. The constant clash between the bears (those who think negatively about the stocks) and bulls (those who think positively) during the market hours, keeps the market fluctuating. Emotions like speculations, hopes and rumors keep the market driven, rather than a systematic analysis of a company’s management, assets and prospects, based on logic.

There should be a definite reason behind buying a stock and also a valid expectation about the returns. You should also decide at which point you want to liquidate the stocks, rather than doing the deal based on emotions.

Follow these tips and take decisions wisely rather than getting carried away in emotions and you too can get success at stock market.

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