1-800 Number – Advantages

In recent years, most business began using 800 numbers for as their formal contac numbers for business. Before, an 800 phone number was provided only by major phone companies, but now even smaller private phone companies do it. Therefore, the availability of 800 business numbers has been increased and more and more business use them. Why would you consider using an 800 phone number for your small/medium business? We will mention some of the benefits.

First of all, due to the fact that 800 business numbers are nowadays offered by small and independent phone companies, they are more affordable than ever. In attempt to beat the rivals, each of this services offer very attractive deals. Also, an 800 phone number offers advanced feautures that could really benefit your business: call forwarding, online fax, voicmail box, auto attendant etc. This will enable you not to have unanswered calls. If you use 800 number with a virtual phone, you will be able to answer your clients and customers no matter where you are. This will undoubtedly improve your customer service and your relationship with clients. Your potential clients will consider you more reliable because they will have the opportunity to call you for free even when calling from far away.

Being an important communication tool with your clients and customers, an 800 phone number will increase the efficiency and productivity of your business. An effective communication with your partners and clients will certainly lead to more business opportunities and that will influence your sales. Your 800 business number can be used as really effective advertising tool and branding for the business. If you have a pasta delivery business, for example, you could use a number like: 1 800 GO PASTA and your customers will be able to recall your number whenever they consider ordering pasta.

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