3 Best Options for Printing Booklets and Catalogues for Your Company’s Promotion

Printing Booklets and CataloguesYou might have seen so many brochures and booklets by now promoting others’ businesses. Now, it’s time to print your own booklets and catalogues that will inform people about your products and services, and turn your potential clients into buyers.

There are various types of booklets you can create for your company – from simple to premium and from small to large as offered by a printing service like Cambrian Printers. It’s better to understand your options before jumping into booklet printing so as to make an educated decision about an important promotional tool for your business. Here are some prominent types of booklet printing.

1. Saddle Stitched

A saddle stitched booklet is created from 2 or more paper sheets, folding them in halves and binding them together with at least 2 staples along their fold. Therefore the minimum page number of a saddle stitched booklet will be 8 pages including the front and back covers. The largest pagination may vary depending upon the paper weight and size; but a stitched brochure is hardly more than 64 pages since more than 64 pages become too thick to fold and staple together without falling apart. Thus, if you want to print small booklets and magazines to showcase your products and services, saddle printing is the best option for you.

2. Perfect Bound

There is no need of folding in a perfect bound booklet. It is produced with a stack of single paper sheets which are bound together on the left side using glue and heat. Perfect bound booklets produce a neat and sleek looking spine with right-angled corners, creating a premium finish usually opted for by glossy catalogues and magazines with thick laminated cover. Although around 100 pages can help perfect bound booklets, they have a minimum pagination as a spine thickness of 4mm is needed for the cover to dig into the pages while binding so as to prevent the booklet or catalogue from falling apart.

3. Wiro Bound

Wiro bond booklets are created from single paper sheets organized together and bound by plastic or wire spiraled spine. These booklets can be produced easily and quickly, and are also cost-effective. They are even durable and long-lasting typically using plastic covers as well as hard back for solidity. Moreover, they also have the most flexible page numbers since you can get smaller or larger spirals for the spine. However, they don’t have the premium finish and so, are usually chosen for handbooks and other functional literature.

Hopefully this classification will help you in choosing the right option for printing your company booklets. Just consider the objective of your booklet and it’ll be easy for you to choose the right type of booklet for you.



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