3 Fantastic Tips to Hire the Best Business Expert

Hire the Best Business ExpertIf you are running a business and are tired of playing multiple roles, don’t panic. You are not alone. And here business experts step in.

When you have to become a default operations manager, salesperson, customer care executive, accountant and digital marketing expert at the same time, it’s natural for you to lose your head. Here you can hire a person who will act as a customer service specialist, sales and account manager, digital marketing specialist, projects and operations specialist, and much more for you, and let you take a sigh of relief and run your business smoothly.

But how will you find such a professional? Here are a few tips.

1. Decide Whether to Hire an Expert for Full-time

Sometimes, a full-time staff is not required. Can there be a more affordable way than hiring a full-time staff? You can think upon if a consultant can fulfill your requirement.

More often than not, it’s better to hire a firm that can manage all your finances instead of appointing an in-house accountant. It’s actually economical and there are multiple people in the firm watching over each other’s work.

Certain situations are such that not even a single person is required. E.g. an app development company can hire various businesses to develop apps without coding and so there is no need of a software developer. So many companies are available out there that can help you save money on costly hires. Or else you can wait till your company is in a position to hire a full-time staff from the financial point of view. However, diligence is of utmost importance. Ask the most difficult questions and make sure you are well aware of their terms or contracts.

2. Assign a Project

A surefire way to gauge your candidate is to assign him a small project where there is a scope for him to show off his skills. If you want to hire a digital marketer, assign a project of getting 100 likes for your Facebook page. If you are looking for a customer care professional, ask him to create a few model emails for customers and so on.

When you are looking for assessing your candidate’s capabilities, the more chances you get to see her perform, the better. It’s also a good idea to ask her for a portfolio or an example of her past work. Paying the candidates for a small test project that imitates their role is a good idea.

3. Ask Them to Explain

Remember, although you are not an expert, you certainly know what you want from them and so, you can run an insightful interview. It’s essential to have enough knowledge to be able to ask the big-picture questions about the posts you’re hiring for. If you are looking for an accounts manager, ask your candidate questions like which advanced accounting software he prefers. While interviewing a candidate for a law-related post, ask questions related to legal requirements of your business.

The purpose behind asking these questions is not about fully understanding their answers, but to get an idea of their knowledge, confidence and dedication. You can learn a lot through the conversation with the candidates and evolve as a better businessperson when you make a hire.

There is no 100 percent guarantee that your hire will be successful; however these strategies can at least put the odds in your favor.

Key here is to take your time to choose the right person/s. Your business can be in much better position if a few months are taken to scrutinize an excellent candidate than hurriedly hiring someone that you’ll have to fire just within a few months. Happy hiring!

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