4 Distinct Benefits of Shopping Cart Advertising

shopping cart advertisingIf you are on budget and still want to advertise your business, shopping cart advertising is perhaps the most affordable, yet the most effective way of advertising you have. Everyday thousands of people go to supermarket and what they do first after reaching there is they grab a shopping cart; and all the time while they are in the supermarket the cart is before them. So, if you invest in shopping cart ads, your ad will remain in front of eyes of thousands of people for most of the time every day. This type of advertising can be done by hardly any other medium. Here are some distinct benefits of hiring a shopping cart ad agency.

1. Properly Targeted Message

A supermarket ad agency will create ads for you in which your message is properly targeted to your specific audience. It may be a specific state, city or a zip code, or various other factors like average income, race, gender and more. They will also diversify your ad campaign by creating different type of ads in different supermarkets.

2. Your Ad will Be ‘Seen’

Once the shoppers grab a shopping cart they don’t have any other alternative than to watch your ad. They can’t throw it away, neither can they change it like a channel of a radio or TV. So, your ad will get glances definitely.

3. Your Ad will be Seen Frequently

On an average, a shopper comes to a supermarket at least 2-3 times every week and it’s guaranteed that s/he will spend at least 45 to 60 minutes there in every visit. So, imagine what an exposure your ad will get.

4. You Save a Lot

Shopping cart advertising costs much less than advertising in newspapers, magazines, radio or TV. This is the lowest type of cost-per-impression advertising in the industry.

Access Media Group offer affordable outdoor advertising in supermarkets. They work not only on the basis of costs and earning, but building relationships with you and your potential clients that visit your local supermarket. They also have partnerships with grocery stores which further helps small businesses to advertise on in-store ads.

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