4 Important Rules to Follow while Designing Your Business Stationery

Printing CalgaryEven in this digital era, the importance of printed stationery has not been reduced a bit. Reason? It creates a man-to-man contact which is essential to put forth what you want to say. A business card is essential when you approach your business associate to finalize a business deal. Printed advertising material can promote your company from streets to shopping malls. Printed banners and headers are much more economical than digital displays, take a smaller space and don’t require electricity. All in all, no matter what business you have, printed material is essential to advertise it. However, are there are any rules to follow while choosing printed business stationery? Yes, there are. Here are a few.

1. Choosing Material

It’s extremely important that you choose the highest quality material and premium paper affordable to your budget for your business correspondence. Your potential client will certainly know the difference between thick, high-quality, glossy paper and standard photocopy paper. If you send out a poorly designed and flimsy piece of stationery, e.g. your business card, your potential client may compare the quality of your card to the quality of your services. These small details can be powerful enough to change the standing of your brand in your potential customer’s mind. Take inspiration from the wide range of printed business stationery at printing Calgary.

2. Contact Information

Don’t forget to include your contact information in your business stationery. It should include your business address, phone number, fax number, email id and other contact details if any so as to make it easy for your potential client to reach out to you. If your business is VAT registered, make sure to include your VAT number also on your letterheads. This not only ensures that you are obeying the rules, but also creates a great impression in your customers’ minds that you are a well-established business.

3. Branding

Every piece of your business stationery is intended to tell others about your business. If you create very high-quality stationery but only a few items of it represents your business, it’s a wasted investment. Because your logo is the face of your business, it should be primarily present on all your promotional materials and every product you are producing, both online as well as offline.

4. Consistency

No matter how many types of business stationery you create, remember to keep a consistency in them, i.e. they should match each other. A set of business stationery items that work well with each other looks professional and can improve your business’s image considerably. If different items in your business stationery are different from each other, your business will lose identity and your customers will be misled.

Follow these rules and invest your time to design your business stationery that will effectively promote your business without making you spend big money.

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