4 Important Things to Do to Start a Freelance Writing Business

Freelance Writing BusinessOur modern world has innumerable new things that didn’t exist in the past. Two of them are the internet and online income. While there are so many online businesses, the one which hardly requires any financial investment is freelance writing. You might have thought many times to start the writing business but had to hold yourself lacking knowledge of where to start. Here are a few tips that may be helpful to you.

While there are countless ways to find clients for your freelance writing business, such as finding freelance writing websites, sadly it’s quite challenging to get the very first writing jobs. It’s important to do certain tasks, before you start seeking your first job.

1. What Type of Writing will You Do?

There are numerous types of writing jobs on the internet. You have to decide which one you will do. Some of the types are:

Articles: This is a bit difficult type of writing and is needed by papers, journals and magazines, but pays better than other online writing types. While these publications often hire writers, freelance writers can put forth their ideas which the publication may accept or decline. If your article is accepted you get paid.

Web Content: All websites are in search of good content so as to drive traffic, provide useful information to readers and rank higher in search engines. For this type of writing, you should have the basic knowledge of SEO (search engine optimization) or you should be willing to learn it. You can demand a higher price to create keyword-rich high-quality content.

Medical: If you have deep knowledge about medicines, FDA requirements and other medical-related topics, you can get the job of writing for pharmaceutical companies.

Technical: Writing about computers, software tools, engineering etc.

Marketing and Advertising Copywriting: This involves creating ads, sales letters, product descriptions and other promotional content.

Ghostwriting: Writing books, articles and other content for someone else who publishes it on his name.

2. What Topics Do You Like?

You may have a liking for one or more topics on which you can create very good content. It’s a good idea to start with your favorite topics. Plus, if you have credentials, such as a masters degree, it can further make it easy for you to get the job.

3. What Price would You Charge?

Some jobs may have a set price; but some others are negotiable.

4. Consider Having a LinkedIn Profile or a Website

Your LinkedIn profile or a website of yours can help your potential client know more about you. Creating an online profile and resume is important to get hired.

So, are you ready for your first writing job?

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