4 Simple Tips with which You can Work Smartly to Grow Your HVAC Business

HVAC repairIf you are concerned about growing your HVAC business, don’t get stressed up. It’s neither very complicated nor too expensive. Working smarter and not harder applies here too, whether you want to attract new customers or get referrals from the existing ones. Using a good mix of marketing strategies is a healthy approach to make sure you cover how various customers use information through traditional as well as digital advertising. Here are a few tips to promote your HVAC business effectively to new customers.

1. Online Presence

In today’s business environment, it’s crucial to have a website so as to develop trust with potential customers. With more than 85% of B2B customers depending on websites during the phase of business consideration, together with 75% of internet users making decisions considering the web design of a company, you may be already lagging behind your competitors if you have not updated your website for a while.

growing HVAC business

2. SEO and Paid Search

If owning a website is like owning a real estate on the web, SEO and paid search are signage and advertising for HVAC companies online. Search engine optimization is the effort that makes sure your website is properly optimized for major search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Google processes more than 40,000 searches per second and so, it’s the main tool for researching and decision making that customers use to find services. If your website doesn’t appear in the top 5 searches on Google or the local listings of Google, you may miss potential customers who search for “HVAC services + your location” or “HVAC repair + your location”.

Another alternative if you are not appearing organically or naturally on Google is to pay for a listing. Paid search is the option of sponsored advertising on Google, which you have to pay for every time someone clicks your ad. For example, if you are not ranking for “HVAC services + your location”, you can pay Google to bid on ranking for that search term or any other phrase you want to rank your website up for.

However, there are certain important rules regarding how to minimize your costs and target just the right customers, or else your money may be wasted on random clicks. An ideal option is to combine SEO and paid search to stay on high positions among online searches.

3. Complimentary Services to Open up New Opportunities

Small HVAC business owners may be scared with the word ‘complimentary’ particularly if it involves high cost like repairing a broken furnace. However, the point is not about offering a free furnace repair to a new customer, but it’s about broadening your service offerings and combine your lower margin services with higher ones.

For example, you can offer free duct cleaning, energy audits or measuring indoor air quality that will work as lead-ins for other services that need a larger investment.

This technique is proven successful, leading to getting new customers and even new opportunities discovered like equipment replacement jobs that you wouldn’t have otherwise come to know.

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4. Make Use of Seasonal Deals

Looking at the US HVAC market growth, you can use different tactics to get definite results. For example, promoting various seasonal services can lead to seasonal sales and increased revenue.

An example is of fall months when HVAC businesses have a great opportunity to build their brand and attract more clients. With the arrival of winter, the requirements for HVAC start and you should just open the correct marketing campaign to convert those requirements into leads!

You can offer various deals on your website or social media pages to attract prospects’ attention. For example, you can offer a discount on an AC precision tune-up before the arrival of summer heat or a furnace tune-up before the arrival of winter cold. Just make sure you make use of seasonal headlines to catch your potential customers’ attention.

With these tips, it may be clear to you that promoting your HVAC business is not difficult; you just have to work smartly and use the right methods and you will become successful!

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