4 Top Tips to Keep Office Carpets Spotlessly Clean

office carpet cleaningA small stain can ruin the reputation built since years! And if the stain is on the carpet, it becomes a real trouble. Indeed, office carpet cleaning is a tough task. Carpets are great to create a perfectly professional and cozy environment in your office, to impress your present and future customers and to offer a glory to your business. But when it is stained, it can depreciate the value of your business equally powerfully. Here are some tips shared by the professionals at CleaningProFL.com to keep your office carpets spotlessly clean.

1. Keep Vacuums Up-to-date

If your vacuums are up-to-date, the cleaning time is reduced and efficiency is increased to a large extent.

In some offices, using traditional vertical vacuums is not practical because of the particular type of furniture and other hurdles. E.g. if an office has bunches of work stations, vacuuming process will be slowed down unless the cleaner uses a backpack vacuum. Backpack vacuums are more comfortable to use, being lighter. In a congested office, this type of vacuuming is perfect, and tools and accessories can be accessed quickly, due to which overall vacuuming time is reduced significantly.

2. Clean Carpets as Many Times as Possible

Office (& home too) carpets should be cleaned as many time as possible – even up to daily. If this sounds extreme, you should learn about the recommendations of most manufacturers of floor coverings and even the US Environmental Protection Agency of cleaning (vacuuming) carpet more often than only once or twice weekly. This is because airborne impurities like pollen, dust etc and foot traffic, make their way to carpet, together with dust mites, dander, skin and hair. If all these are to be cleared, there is no alternative than to keep vacuuming the carpet.

3. Equip Your Staff to Spot Stains and Dirt

There are spotting tools which you can provide to your staff members so that they can spot the stains and dirt on the carpet and remove them immediately. As soon as your employees finish the general cleaning tasks, they should get these spotting tools. If staff members can clean these occasionally occurring stains, there wouldn’t be the need to call professional cleaners with huge equipment to clean them. Also with the daily spot removal and cleaning, these small stains won’t accumulate to make the carpet dirty.

4. Use Certified Products

While changing to sustainable carpet cleaning, look for certified products. A green certified product won’t necessarily keep your carpet material safe during the cleaning process. So, look for certificates from organizations that certify techniques and products for sustainable carpet care.

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