4 Useful Tips to Get an Employment in Sweden

Employment in SwedenIf the lovely country of Sweden has attracted you and you are dreaming of migrating there, you’ll need a job so that you can stay here. As such, you can stay here to find a job for up to six months after finishing your study and if you find one, a way will open for you to apply for a work permit and start your career. But, how would you find a job in Sweden? Here are some useful tips.

1. Register at the Career Centre of Your University

Your job hunt in Sweden should ideally start from the career centre of your own university. They provide a plethora of services to help you in your job search, including career counseling (usually in English), workshops and seminars, assistance with your CV and cover letter, visits to potential employers and interview training. They even typically offer lists of available jobs, thesis projects and internships.

2. Attend Employment Fairs

There are several world-famous Swedish multinationals such as IKEA, Volvo and Skanska, big national banks, and public sector and other companies that regularly organize employment fairs to get in touch with potential employees. These fairs are a great opportunity to meet top employers in your field and take part in useful seminars and one-on-one interviews.

Remember to come prepared to these fairs with a bagful of CVs and cover letters and plan to meet companies that you want and impress them. Also, don’t fail to send follow-up emails to the representatives of the companies you met; they can be useful to you even in the future.

3. Learn Swedish Language

Actually, almost everyone in Sweden knows English and it’s easy to get through your studies in Sweden without knowing Swedish. Some large companies, even though they are Swedish, use English as their corporate language. However, if you learn Swedish, a lot of doors will be opened for you when it’s about finding jobs and developing a social network. Also if you learn Swedish, you can get access to Lediga jobb i Stockholm hos Sveriges största platsbanken meaning job vacancies in Stockholm at Sweden’s largest website!

4. Do an Internship

If you take up an internship, you’ll be benefited in two ways – firstly, you’ll get the valuable job experience and secondly, your professional network will expand. Even though they may not directly refer you to a job, you can include your job experience in your CV and thus you’ll get a reference from a Swedish company.

Following the above tips will help you make your dream come true of working and living in the beautiful Sweden.

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