5 Effective Tips for Marketing Your Property to Chinese Customers

Marketing Your Property to Chinese Customers60% of the HNWIs (high net worth individuals) in China desire to purchase properties in foreign countries within the next three years, according to the 2016 Hurun Report: Immigration and the Chinese HNWI. International real estate agents and brokers may be delighted, particularly with the forthcoming long weekend on the event of Dragonboat Festival at the end of May, with the news that Chinese international travelers tend to make overseas property investment too.

With Chinese property buyers becoming more and more judicious, though, it has become imperative to provide an excellent consumer experience for your potential Chinese buyers and one of the ways to do this is to customize your property to meet the demands of the Chinese clients.

However, before you can tailor the best experience, first there is a need to know your customer. Here is a marketingtochina guide to help you in knowing your Chinese property buyer exactly before they make a visit.

1. Find out What Type of Property They are Looking for

It’s a most frustrating experience for a buyer to visit real estates that don’t meet their requirements. Therefore, ask beforehand about specifications. Are they in search of a landed property or an apartment? How many rooms the home should have? What is their budget? Are they in search of a new construction or can they accept secondhand homes too? You should ask these details to your Chinese buyer before they drop in, so that you can customize your property tour to the buyer’s requirements.

apartment for Chinese people

2. Know What is Motivating Them for the Investment

Education is a major motivating factor for Chinese property buyers. However, it is not by any means the only one. Chinese real estate investors are increasingly motivated by an urge of buying an overseas property as holiday homes, retirement homes, plain investment and even in recent years, for being in the reach of top class medical care. By knowing what is motivating them to buy abroad, you can shorten your list of properties that could become the most appropriate fit for them and enhance your chances to make them seal the deal.

3. Customize to Time

Chinese consumers have a passion for optimizing their time in foreign countries; hence they usually opt for combining their family holiday, business tour or even a flight stopover with real estate hunting. The moral of all this is: time is extremely important. Therefore it’s important that you get a clear idea of how much time your client can spend for a property tour. This will enable you to arrange a focused and time-efficient tour that has as much as possible, which is especially precious for Chinese buyers on a short visit.

4. Location is Important

Location at which your Chinese client wants to purchase may greatly vary according to their individual criteria and the most important pointers affecting their buying decisions. They may be interested in proximity to good educational institutions or they may give priority to neighborhood safety or consider neighborhood the most important or even family and friends may be the most relevant for them. They may look for properties in downtown for convenience or may be interested in suburban real estates for more peace. Or are they purchasing according to locations providing the best yields? These and many other factors may be highly important for your buyers and you should ask them well in advance to ensure what they exactly want.

consider neighborhood

5. Make Life Easy for Them

Your Chinese buyers will be interested in local healthcare facilities, schools, mortgage providers, community organizations,, legal services and more; however, they may find it challenging to connect to all these facilities in a new country and town. Arrange meetings with local vendors and contacts who could help your Chinese client during your property tour. Introduce them to gardeners, lawyers, contractors and government offices. This way they will feel comfortable and positive about the properties you show them.

These are some surefire ways how you can market your property to Chinese customers effectively. You can get more tips at marketingtochina guide. Use those tips and get success in selling properties to the Chinese customers.

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