5 Important Points to Remember to Do Business on Baidu, Chinese Top Search Engine

Baidu, China’s top search engineSEO has inevitably become closely associated with Google and therefore, when businesses consider having online presence, they first think of how to optimize on Google. However, while Google is the most widely used search engine all through the world, you will come across a different situation in China. So, if you are planning to start or expand your business in China, you will have to learn more about Baidu, China’s top search engine.

Apart from the US and Europe, China is emerging as a market with a huge potential for businesses because of the welcoming nature of Chinese consumers. So, if you are trying to steal opportunities in China, you have to understand how to optimize your business on Baidu. Here’s a Baidu guide.

1. Accept the Differences

China is a quite different country, especially to Westerners. It contains numerous businesses that specialize in helping businesses bridge the gap between territories.

Huge state censorship is just one of the not-so-understated differences. Just as living in or doing business with a country having a different culture and rules, your best strategy should be to accept the situations and adapt to them. For example, the heavy handed inclusion of Baidu’s own sub-products within SERPs may possibly give rise to clashes with competition laws in the EU, but not in China.

China has made new rules that have considerably lessened the amount of commercials in Baidu’s SERPs; but still there are many. Your best policy will be to accept this and carry on.

2. But There are Similarities Too!

But assuming that each and every thing will be different about Baidu is wrong. You will be pleased to know that there are certain similarities too. For example, binary is the same. There are differences in website platforms and coding languages, but all the regular SEO stuff, including information architecture, metadata and Canonical URLs, is still the same. Baidu might have difference in weightings and slight differences in rules for some factors; however, the basics are the same.

But still there are differences and you have to consider some points while doing SEO on Baidu.

SEO on Baidu

3. Native Speaker/Translator

Involving a native speaker or translator in your SEO project is absolutely essential. Using an automated tool for translation will help you create content that is understandable, but some holes will still exist in it. As you know, content and its quality is a primary concern for search engines including Baidu, hence you will need someone who can create high-quality content.

Another point to consider is that, the Webmaster Tools of Baidu are not shown in English; so the need of a translator is highlighted.

4. Mobile

The importance of mobile is not limited to its increased use by the public or Google’s mobile first indexing and AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). Actually, mobile has become important in China due to the fact that owning a desktop or laptop was never common here. The mobile is the first and only tool for most people to access the internet.

Per se, Baidu deeply values mobile. They even have their own variant of AMP (known as MIP – Mobile Instant Page) and it can be definitely said that quite like Google mobile first indexing, Baidu will include mobile more and more in their algorithm.

Therefore, display and load speed on mobile devices will be important factors both currently and in the future for ranking on Baidu. So, you will have to make this a priority for your website.

Chinese mobile users

5. Chinese Characters Simplified

While Baidu tends to index traditional Chinese characters first, it favors simplified Chinese characters too. So, you can use the simplified versions.

This will make it clear for you that you will have to work hard if you want to optimize your online business in China through Baidu. Learn it, do it and be successful!

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