5 Tips To Keep In Mind When Arranging Furniture in the Office

office furnitureFurniture is an important aspect of the interior decoration of any room, whether it be a home or an office. Keep them in the right spaces in the right way, and they will add beauty and personality to a room. However, many people position the furniture in a lackluster way without having any idea of how they need to be placed. And below, we look at five tips to help you understand the perfect way to arrange furniture in an office.

1. Desk Positioning

The desk will probably be the biggest piece of furniture in any room. As such, it needs to be positioned in a manner so that everyone has easy access to it. Ideally, the desk must be located in a region which receives ample light. In fact, try to position the desk facing the source of light rather than placing it sideways. The presence of adequate light on the desk will make sure that employees are able to work properly at the desk without straining themselves out.

2. Chair Placement

The next important thing is the placement of the chairs. And in this case, it is recommended that you never place a chair in a position where there is a door behind it. Such an arrangement has been observed to make the person sitting on the chair very uncomfortable. And if you are in a business where your employees require high attention, like stock trading etc., then having a distracted mind can negatively affect the performance of your business. So, avoid such chair arrangements as much as possible.

3. Rug Placement

If there is a rug in the room, then make sure that the rug is of an appropriate size. Ideally, the rug should not fill the room. Instead, a small space should be left at all corners. As far as furniture is cornered, you should place them in a way that at least their front legs touch the surface of the rug. But if you can place all legs of the furniture inside the rug, then definitely go for it.

4. Avoid Furniture Touching Walls

As far as possible, never push the furniture all the way to the wall surface so that there is contact between the two. Aesthetically, this is not a good idea. There must at least be a few inches of space between the furniture and the wall. The problem with having the furniture touch the wall is that people might perceive the room as being smaller and congested. However, if you leave some space between the two, then people are likely to see the room as bigger and will feel more comfortable in it.

5. Flow Of Traffic

Always take into account the flow of traffic in the room. For example, if you are buying chairs for your staff, and the chairs are to be arranged in two rows facing opposite to each other, then you should ensure that there will be sufficient space in between the two rows so that people can walk between them easily. As such, small-sized chairs might be apt for you in case your office room is small.

And if you are planning to buy new furniture for your office, think about buying used office furniture since this is a good way to procure high-end furniture at an affordable cost.

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