7 Top Benefits of LED Lights for Businesses

LED lights for businessesLED lights are getting immensely popular in businesses for some good reasons. LED lights last for over 5 years on an average, though in constant use. Moreover, they don’t contain mercury, unlike the compact fluorescent bulbs, so are safe for you and your people. They also cut the energy usage by 80% more than incandescent bulbs and produce only 5% heat of their energy. If you have not switched to LED lighting still, here are some distinct benefits of using LED lights for your business.

1. Energy Saving – Money Saving

As mentioned earlier, LED lights consume around 80% to 85% less energy as compared to halogen or incandescent bulbs and light with same brightness. So, they cost you less too. Moreover, they last longer and so, bring about further saving of money.

2. Bring Energy Subsidies

Are you aware that governments, private organizations and power authorities offer low interest loans or grants to businesses, homeowners and municipalities to lessen their energy usage? Take benefit of this facility and switch to LED lights; it can reduce your costs for upgrades significantly.

3. No Maintenance

You can install LED bulbs and use them even for 10 hours a day. Still, you don’t have to think upon changing them. Lifespan of these bulbs is 10 to 13 years and they lose only a small part of their luminescence even after using them for 50,000 hours. So, they don’t burn out totally unlike the traditional bulbs do. LED bulbs are made with tough circuitry and work well in cold temperatures, so they hardly break.

4. A Healthier Alternative

LED bulbs are not at all harmful in terms of health because they don’t have mercury in them, unlike CFLs which contain mercury and so, can leak dangerous compounds into atmosphere and water supply, not to mention in landfills. Mercury is infamous for negatively affecting brain, liver, kidney and spinal cord, leading to many hazards like memory loss, restricted mobility and many others. Also LED lights don’t give out IR or UV light which are dangerous to our skin and can cause skin cancer. In short, LED bulbs are the safest alternative you can use for your office lighting.

5. Right Kind of Light for Your Business

With LED lighting your business gets just the right kind of light – bright, warm, pleasant and subdued or strong and intense! Right kind of light is essential to create a pleasant atmosphere for employees and visitors alike, just as the right kind of décor is. And as LEDs are available in an extensive array of color temperatures, you can create just the desired atmosphere in your workplace. The versatility of LEDs makes them useful for any place like office, factory, art displays, parking lots and more.

6. Better Control

You have a better control on your LED lighting because of the sophisticated technologies involved, like timers, dim-ability, daylighting, occupancy sensors and smartphone optimization.

7. Compliant with the Future

LED lights are compliant with the future upgrades and can be integrated easily with the networked systems designed to use only when needed. They can be controlled through daylight sensing, automatic occupancy and even through software systems or remote controls.

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